VIDEO: FNC Host: Press mad at Biden for lying about granddaughter’s wedding

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Fox News host Brian Kilmeade weighs in on the media calling President Biden a liar after being told his granddaughter’s wedding was a private family event, yet she was on the cover of Vogue in her wedding dress on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

BRIAN KILMEADE: Biden has really done it this time. His untruths have alienated his most loyal ally, – ot Jill, certainly not Barack. Hunter? The smartest man he ever knew? No. I’m talking about the media. Yep!

What pushed them over the edge? Was it the laptop being verified? Was it the student loan handout blowing up? Was it because inflation wasn’t transitory? Was it because Al Qaeda is back in Afghanistan even though the Taliban promised not to let them back in Afghanistan? Was it because the claims about the border being secure were just flat out wrong? Wait, was it because the Inflation Reduction Act actually inflated inflation? Was it because he said he didn’t decrease oil production, but yet we’re actually down a million barrels a day? No, no, no, no. They think he lied about his granddaughter’s wedding.

He continued, “Why? Well, last week, the White House said no press was allowed at the ceremony on the South Lawn.”

Kilmeade said, “The press was shocked when a few days later they saw Naomi on the cover of Vogue in her wedding dress. There was an uproar. Who wouldn’t uproar? Most of the White House press corps has been holding Biden’s water for two years, and they did not get an invite. They were hurt. They started calling the president a liar, confronting the press secretary.”

WATCH the segment below:

Vogue Magazine tweeted, “On November 17, just days before her wedding, Naomi Biden sat with Vogue and opened up about planning a White House wedding, and shared the details—no matter how small—that made it a spectacular family affair. ‘We’re so close to our families, so we always knew we’d get married in someone’s backyard,’ shares Naomi Biden in Vogue’s special digital cover story. Here, read the full profile to learn about all of the exclusive details from her White House wedding.”

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  1. Oh !! This is the lie the MSM is upset over ?!?!? That they couldn’t attend this wedding ?!?! OMG !!!! Of all
    The important matters in our country they are pissed about a fashion event !! This won’t fix our country you dumb asses , you should be pissed off at the other lies he’s said !!!!!

    • You are so right. Biden is destroying our beautiful country. This winter so many will die because of his destruction of our energy and food sources. He has no intentions of saving the average Americans. Many families are worrying about how they’re going to survive. I hope the Republicans impeach him! So disgusted in this failed administration!!!

  2. Seriously a wedding is what your worried about. The entire Biden crime family is built on lie’s. He’s destroying our country one lie at a time. FJB.

  3. I take it. Whatever excuse they have to finally out the WH current resident.
    To top it off, all the embezzlement isn’t enough, the fiscal irresponsibility isn’t enough, let tax payers pay for a f’n wedding. Why not….

  4. There’s more important things to worry about in this country and not being able to attend a wedding to take pictures.

    But on the other hand why isn’t the press reporting that Naomi and her fiance at the time have been living at the White House for months on our taxpayer $$$$$$$$$$$. My question is why are they allowed to live there. No wonder Biden goes back to his place in Redondo Beach every weekend.


  5. So with everything the Biden’s do, did we as taxpayers cover the tab for this huge wedding?? Unbelievable that this just continues and we the people do not hold them accountable.

  6. For Joe Biden, lying is a natural thing and it’s his second nature. He doesn’t even blush when he is caught lying red handed

  7. Are the Press really that stupid to think that Bidum has always told the truth? Bahahahahahahahah!!!!!
    When will the rest of Americans wake the F up. It is time to impeach this stinky old prick before the Country disintegrates into Foreign hands.

  8. Joe Biden lied that he has never taken a penny from foreign countries. He made this statement during the Presidential Debate with Trump
    * He lied about being the top student in Law School
    * He lied about his grades in Law School
    * He lied about all Americans will return home safely from Afghanistan.
    * He lied about no Americans will be left behind in Afghanistan
    * He lied when He stated ” He will blame no one and he will take full responsibility. Then , he blamed Trump for the Border Crisis
    * Every time Joe Biden move his lips, he is lying


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