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MSNBC analyst Claire McCaskill claimed Monday that Republican-controlled states would soon implement “vigilantism” laws to combat immigration that would empower citizens to round up people who look like “foreigners.”

During an appearance on “Deadline: White House,” McCaskill, a former Democratic senator from Missouri, based her claim on the argument that the Supreme Court needed to be reformed and that a majority of the justices were “in the tank for the right-wing extreme views.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Aside from a lack of evidence to support her claim, McCaskill didn’t detail any sort of connection between her views on the Supreme Court and how a lack of reform would lead to those types of laws being implemented.

McCaskill told host Nicolle Wallace, “There is definitely some reform that is needed at the Supreme Court, I mean you can just start with ethics. They don’t have the same rules, Supreme Court justices. You can start with term limits. The American people support term limits for everybody, including Supreme Court justices.”

She continued, “The hypocrisy here is astounding… Every once in a while somebody on the Supreme Court surprises us by making a decision that would not be expected based on the politics of the president who appointed them. I’m afraid those days of surprise are over. I think we know everybody but Roberts is in the tank for the right-wing extreme views.”

“These red states are going to do vigilantism laws on immigration, and they’re going to empower citizens to go out and round up people they think look like foreigners. And that’s what we’re coming to in this in country, and it is incredibly depressing, especially as we’re so near a religious holiday that is all about loving other people and accepting the least among us to be part of the larger group,” McCaskill said.

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  1. Can people get any stupider. It’s the socialist that will be rounding people up and it will the people that don’t follow their rules and don’t think like them. The idiot woman is a complete jackass

  2. That is the stupidest thing I’ve heard today coming out of a Democrat’s ass. What fact’s back that up? Once again slinging propaganda against the wall to see what will stick

  3. Let’s explain this simply 1) if you reform the Supreme Court in your image then we will completely ignore the court because we know like you it is false and liers . 2) you think we are going to act like the biden and you are already asking people to do inform the fbi a political democratic party fake police of people that don’t follow your party lines . And are either unwanted so you can ostracized them and brand them and people that are political conservative to villionize them also. Sound about right. Everything you people say we will do your already doing . Sad part is we are not as filthy and dirty and worthless as you.

    • You forget one major thing
      Food supplies will not handle Americans! Much less the millions they have let in And are letting in 24/7
      When there is no food !
      People will kill ! And the violence will be something not ever seen in this country. The 1929 depression was nothing compared to what is coming !
      And this destruction of our country by democrats who created an orchestrated fear virus And now the ships at sea.
      All of it was created and put into action To get exactly this situation.
      Think !

    • They create it That’s where Every crisis is theirs And it is designed to do exactly what she is saying
      Look past what they want you to see Wake up ! It’s been here a long time
      Power is their goal And our deaths are their agendas

  4. There is that word and and using vigilante is getting old. Citizens are going to round people up. Just more fear mongering before midterms. I also guess she didn’t see the results from that commission Biden set up to study the Supreme Court and they said it was fine.

    • Yeah and the SC said it was ok to own blacks and made it a law that was passed. The Dredd Scott decision Fi some homework
      We didn’t honor that one. Trust the SC you got to be kidding.!!!!!!!!
      But this one is being thrust upon us. When the food stops. Think !
      Not one American will be allowed to set this one out

  5. What these politicians are afraid of ! Is ! Americans taking up arms and taking back America from the entire rogue government throughout America and illegals! Well folks ! What do politicians do ?
    Lie lie and more lies. Democrats are making it possible to kill AmericansBLM and Antifa Their hired thugs . And the joke of Judicial system letting people go because of color ! They are coming after the legal citizens Because we grew up as free people and they can’t have that And as of today over 69 million innocent ones have been murdered And let’s not forget those Biden just murdered And The 200,000 Muslims unvetted and unvaccinated he threw into our country. And our government has no idea where they are as well as the 69 million ( yes the same number as those killed ) illegals they let in 24/7 .
    First off ! Because of their loading up America with people who not only have no rights to welfare or SS and everything Americans pay for while Americans are the democrats targets but give them voting rights that is not theirs.So they out number the legal vote To put them over the legal citizens Well I can see that one coming. But it won’t be just illegals they go after It’s all the vile wicked politicians they will get as well. You can’t preach hate 24/7 And expect to have a full society
    Especially when Obama put 350,000 Muslims into Gods country unvetted and unvaccinated that by now are over 400,000 of which their on our welfare.
    Really where do these morons think their actions were going to take this country

  6. Well Hell!
    It won’t be hard to round them up. All we’ve got to do is demand their Covid Vaccine Cards! You know? Like the Blue States are doing, to us citizens!
    We have chosen to ignore a fucking mandate! They have, with your many blessings, broken our LAWS!!!
    Fucking idiots!
    I hope I can at least make my quota! Bahaaaaaaa!!!!
    I hear smuggling illegals back across the border, pays well! Dead or alive!😂😂😂😂
    Just my opinion!


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