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During CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” on Thursday, host Jake Tapper spoke with CNN senior political commentator and former senior Obama advisor David Axelrod, who echoed President Biden’s critics, admitting that things in the country are “out of control” and that Biden is “not in command.”

The discussion between the two centered on how Biden is handling many of the political setbacks that have befallen his party and other forces threatening the country under his watch, including 40-year-high inflation, especially amid criticism from his own party.

The article goes on to state the following:

Tapper brought up Biden’s recent declaration that he was pursuing legislation to end the Senate filibuster so that Democrats could codify Roe v. Wade into law. The Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade last week prompted the president’s urgency, though both Tapper and Axelrod acknowledged Biden has no power to make it happen.

Tapper said, “Well he’s not going to be able to get it done. Manchin and Sinema aren’t going to do it and those are just the two taking it on the chin for it. There are lots of Democratic senators very concerned – less publicly so – about changing the filibuster rules for the reason I explained.”

Axelrod agreed with his point saying, “Yes, yes,” he added, “and Manchin and Sinema provide a cover for them.”

He went on to say that Biden is in such an unfortunate situation. Axlerod said, “I mean this is the lot that Biden finds himself in. There is this sense that things are kind of out of control and he’s not in command. And this lends to that.”

Axelrod explained, “Inflation, no one president can control inflation, but it is a gale force wind right now. It’s effecting politics. You heard him on gas prices today. He talks about the gas tax holiday, but he is not going to get the gas tax holiday and there are a lot of Americans who are skeptical about whether that would help.”

He added, “So, you know, this is a very, very fraught environment for him right now.”

WATCH the clip below:

Alexrod tweeted Thursday, “.@POTUS wanted to connote action & strength today but he also set up tests. He endorsed a fillbuster carve out to codify a right to privacy. He reemphasized his support for a gas tax holiday. But can he deliver on those? And if not, does it compound his problems down the line?”

“The @POTUS‘s challenge is that, meritorious as his leadership has been on Ukraine and NATO, these are not the kitchen table issues driving American politics.”

“A caution for Dems who game @GOP primaries to nominate right wingers seen as beatable. Proceed w/caution! After all, how many Democrats cheered Donald Trump’s nomination in ’16, convinced that the reality show star would be a dead bang loser in the fall?”

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  1. This is Obama’s third term. It’s what he talked about before he left the White House. All the shit that is happening now are a lot of the things that Obama tried to do when he was in office. Biden does not have the capacity to do anything but be the puppet for Obama. Biden doesn’t even know where he is half the time so why do you people think that he’s running the country. It’s Obama it’s always been Obama. He’s a communist Muslim and he hates Americans

  2. Right from the horses mouth “ he’s not in command “ we knew that so who is . Soro’s and Obama are pulling the puppet strings. He needs impeached along with Harris now

  3. I always said that dementia Biden is not our President because he doesn’t know what to do or say and doesn’t even know where he’s at. It is Kenya Obama who is telling Biden everything. I still cannot understand how Obama became President when he was from another country Kenya and that is where he was born and his grandmother was their in the hospital when he was born and we have never heard what happened to her, did he do something bad to her and what about his brother huh huh and Obama is a bad criminal person and the his election was also fraud ya President from Kenya unbelievable

  4. Whaaaat? You mean CNN is now starting to push the “Biden is “out of control”and “not in control” narratives. What is going on? 😵‍💫


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