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Former top White House aide Mick Mulvaney said Wednesday that Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony at the January 6 committee hearing this week changed his mind on defending Donald Trump against charges he’d incited a riot.

Mulvaney told “CBS Mornings” the explosive accusations from Hutchinson, who was Trump chief of staff Mark Meadow’s top assistant at the time of the Capitol riot, were “compelling and very credible.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“Do you think these hearings are changing mainstream Republicans, perhaps Republicans like yourself about their attitudes regarding the former president?” CBS host Vladimir Duthiers asked.

He said, “Sure. It certainly changed my mind, yesterday’s testimony did. I’ve been defending the president against the charges of incitement to riot. I’ve seen the same speech he’s given dozens of times. I’ve seen him accused of trying to foment violence with no violence coming as a result, so I’ve been defending him. But after yesterday when she testified that he knew that there were guns on property and that he still encouraged people to go down to the Capitol, that certainly changes my mind. Whether or not it’s going to change the hard-core MAGA supporters on the right wing of the party, I don’t know. That remains to be seen.”

Mulvaney was asked if he would vote for Trump again if he ran in 2024. He responded, “Oh, count me among one of the Republicans who hopes he’s not the nominee at this point.”

WATCH the interview below:

Mulvaney tweeted Tuesday, “A stunning 2 hours: 1)Trump knew the protesters had guns 2)He assaulted his own security team 3)There may be a line from ProudBoys to the WH 4)Top aides asked for pardons 5)The commission thinks they have evidence of witness tampering. That is a very, very bad day for Trump.”

“The Press is going to focus on some sensational revelations from today: guns, grabbing a secret service agent, etc. But the real bomb that got dropped was the implied charge of witness tampering. If there is hard evidence, that is a serious problem for the former President.”

“Cheney’s closing is stunning: they think they have evidence of witness tampering and obstruction of justice. There is an old maxim: it’s never the crime, it’s always the coverup. Things went very badly for the former President today. My guess is that it will get worse from here.”

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  1. Money talks. I cannot believe that people are so afraid of these Democrats that they can’t tell the truth about anything. Not going to make me change my mind.

  2. It is all here-say, second hand information. If he had looked in her eyes and the smirk she was giving the whole time you know without a doubt she was lying. She is a paid instigator wanting her claim to fame. Sickening!

  3. What a fucking rino idiot. Nothing but she said he said bullshit. The democrats don’t have shit for evidence and they know it. Meanwhile we got Biden talking to crackhead about his China shit on tape.

  4. He’s getting paid !! I don’t believe any this nonsense! Trump is being set up again by these Dems! Trump from the backseat grabbed the steering wheel !! Ridiculous !!
    Trying again to blame Trump bc Dems are shaking in their boots! Prayers for Trump

  5. 😂😂 you have to be powerfully ignorant to make that statement. Somebody check his bank accounts, because he just got a paycheck.
    Gaslighting at its finest. Pretty sure he took an oath, so out with him too.

  6. Sounds to me like Mulvaney was looking for an excuse to throw President Trump under the bus. Problem is he picked the wrong time and person to do it. How can anyone believe anything she said? It was all, he said, she said. No proof and is being debunked by people who were actually involved. He is a sorry excuse for a man in my book.

  7. Egg on his face! Both of the secret service she said to her trump grabbed the wheel and assaulted them came out last night called her a liar!! So what does Mulvaney think now when he called her credible !!!!LIAR PERJURED HER ASS

  8. What the crap. She was saying what someone supposedly told her. Which shouldn’t have been allowed🤦‍♀️ Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!

  9. I must say, Trump might be the dumbest politician ever. How many morons did he have on his staff? I can’t count that high.


    No matter how many times it is pointed out, people keep claiming there were guns and cops were murdered. And the Secret Service has already refuted her other claims. Everything she said was made up.

    • Mulvaney were you born yesterday. You are so stupid. What vehicle were they in how could he get to the steering wheel from the backseat. You Mulvaney are an IDIOT.

  10. Mulvaney is a whimp ass little bitch. He got paid alot of money while working with President Trump. He is not be a true patriot . He just took the job for the $$$. Now he is a back stabbing little bitch.

  11. Mulvaney should know that her testimony about Trump’s his behavior was fabricated. Mulvaney us another traitor jumping to conclusions before the facts if the testimony are proven true.

  12. Mulvany you are a complete idiot.. seriously you said “Trump knew they had guns” do you realize what a moron you really are⁉️⁉️ Talk to Patel you jerk get your facts correct Hutchinson is a “wannabe hero”
    she was not in the room or the car you moron ‼️‼️ I love President Trump when it comes to a lot of folks he hired during his administration one has to ask really really what we’re was he thinking⁉️‼️ Starting with Comey, (not firing Fauci) Mulvany, Hutchinson, Omarosa,
    Etc.whom ever recommended these morons should have been fired‼️


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