VIDEO: Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen gloats over NY AG lawsuit, predicts END to Trump Organization

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Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen on Wednesday predicted New York Attorney General Letitia James’s (D) newly announced fraud investigation into former President Trump’s business will culminate in the Trump Organization’s downfall.

“It’s going to put an end to the entire company,” Cohen said during an appearance on MSNBC’s “All in with Chris Hayes” on Wednesday evening.

“You think that?” Hayes followed up.

“I believe so,” Cohen declared.

Cohen thanked James for crediting himself for starting the investigation into Trump, and claimed her lawsuit is “going to ultimately terminate the Trump Organization, Donald, Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Weisselberg, McConney, and the rest of them. This is going to put an end to the entire con.”


Cohen has been gloating over the news that James has filed a lawsuit against Trump, posting a flurry of anti-Trump images and memes.

He’s also seizing on the opportunity to make a pitch for his new book.

“I want to personally thank @TishJames for acknowledging my participation and assistance in bringing accountability to the Mandarin Mussolini! My journey to the truth has been filled with sadness, pain and anger. Todays announcement makes it al worth it!!!” he cheered on Wednesday.

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    • He is obviously consumed with hatred and rage. As a former attorney for Trump, one can only imagine the reasons for such a drastic turn from collaborator to mortal enemy.

      But the obvious choice is rage over the fact that Trump while President did not issue a pardon for Cohen’s crimes.

      Cohen’s hatred and rage is so white-hot that it will probably destroy him.

  1. Such a good American!!! Not!! I saw you in jail, but not Trump! Talk is cheap and you caused your own problems! Karma is coming soon Michael!!

  2. I am sure this guy is a democrat he sure is no Republican.. but a hateful guy .. allen Derswich trump has a good case to get this thrown out of court .. it’s a false case he said

  3. You mean you are already out of jail? You still have 3 years of community service. Guess you won’t be driving that Bentley or Porsche any longer or wearing expensive Isaia worsted wool custom made suits or hand knitted Bruni Cucinelli cashmere sweaters either, right? Probably can’t afford a ford pinto at this point.


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