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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A fourth-grade student at a California elementary school shared cannabis-infused candies with other students while at school, officials revealed.

“The cannabis candy was in a package that resembled Skittles,” the Twin Rivers Unified School District explained in a statement.

The article goes on to state the following:

The unidentified student shared the candy with others during recess earlier this week at Michael J. Castori Elementary School.

Several students were reported to have ingested the weed infused candies. According to the school district, no students were hospitalized.

School officials stated, “We find this whole situation distressing—edible marijuana products in packages that resemble popular brands of candy.”

The parents of the students that were affected have been contacted and an investigation is currently being conducted.

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  1. Will it take a kid getting really sick or overdosing before we take this more serious? How did a fourth grader get access to the product? Will the parents be held accountable? This could have been a tragic situation. Just like flavored tobacco these companies actively try to appeal to young kids. Disgusting. Something needs to be done.

    • It is physically impossible to over dose on marijuana and they only way it will hurt you is if you’re allergic to it. Your uneducated statement makes you sound as stupid as the dems!!

  2. I’m really surprised, not! Half of California maybe more can’t tell you about who is President or WWII and obviously can’t read! Who bought this for their kids??? I would know instantly that was NOT SKITTLES!! Mark Dice’s videos astound me! It’s really sad. I have a friend who was raised in California and when I was telling him something pertaining to American History a couple of years back he had no idea what I was talking about!!! He said he was in a school that was one of the best rated and he was in what were called accelerated classes. He made excellent grades as well. He was completely blown away by the revelation that he never learned that. He’s in his late 30’s I believe. Maybe early 40’s.

  3. That kind of packaging is blatantly disgusting and should be outlawed. All current inventories of such candy should be seized and destroyed. Obviously it’s meant to appeal to children, to use what is still an illegal drug in many places. Anyone who came up with such packaging should be shot.

  4. So what is surprising about this. One it is California, 2 it is Democrat state. Three Democrats are morons. They want to treat children like adults. I’m not at all surprised.

    Do I think it is disgusting? Yes, but you can’t do anything with Democrat warped minds.


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