VIDEO: Fox News host goes on the war path against Trump following Waco rally

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Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade criticized former President Donald Trump on Monday morning following Trump’s Saturday rally in Waco, Texas.

During the opening of the rally, Trump’s team played the song “Justice for All” by the J6 Prison Choir, which includes individuals who were jailed for their role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, over the loudspeakers. As the song played, a montage of images from the riot appeared on a large screen.

Kilmeade criticized Trump for showing the images.

Below is video footage from the rally as the J6 Choir national anthem song was played.

Kilmeade slammed Trump for playing the song, which included footage from the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

“This is such an opportunity for Republicans,” Kilmeade began. “Just to say, ‘look at what we did, look at what he’s doing’… and I think for President Trump to spend 80 percent of his time complaining about court cases instead of just looking at his own record and what he would have done.”

“Instead the former president of the United States opens up with January 6 video, which is insane! He should be running from that, period. I don’t care his point of view, that is not a good thing for him. I thought that was absolutely awful. Even though he is winning in the polls, that will not help,” Kilmeade added.

Trump ally Peter Navarro hit back against Kilmeade’s comments, tweeting, “Cut the @foxnews cord. @kilmeade has been aggressively anti-MAGA for YEARS. Hey Brian, our government is WEAPONIZED and elections like @karilake are being stolen. Wake up you WOKE useful idiot.”

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  1. I thought it was great. Those people in jail are not getting justice. I don’t care what happened there should be justice for all Fox News is just going down the tubes , thanks to Paul Ryan in the Murdochs

  2. I think Peter Navarro is right. Trump doesn’t care about the optics of what others think.. he is authentic which is what myself and millions of Americans love about him. Trump is just showing reality up close and personal. I’m sick and tired of Rhinos and she called expert pundits spewing their hatred on Trump. Don’t vote for him if you hate him but stfu otherwise.

  3. It was amazing and we were all teared up here! Shut the hell up you pansy ass Kilmead no one cares what you think you are irrelevant! Thank God someone is standing up for those poor people ! What are you afraid of that everyone gonna find out how FOX 🦊 help steal the election ?… YES thats coming too !

  4. I’ve always thought he was an arrogant wanna be! I can’t stand him! Tucker and Laura are the only two I watch on Fox!

  5. Brian you suck..
    Didn’t realize you were anti-Trump. You can now go in the trash pile with Hannity and the rest of you backstabbing shit birds…NO longer watching fox.


  6. Okay let’s be frank about this first of all Fox is pushing DeSantis they’re not pushing for Trump so Brian he jumps ship when it’s good for him like when he interviewed Trump was gracious enough to give Brian several minutes of his time when he was still president for a quick interview and Brian was all goody good good but when it’s something that fox doesn’t want to have appear they slam it shame on you Brian.

    • Gary You really are a dumb ass to support joe biden who is an incompetent prick. What are you, a 25 year old shit-for-brains moron? Have you served in the Military, do you have a 401K, have you looked at it lately, do you actually have a job? So you support the maggot joe’s pull out of Afghanistan with 13 dead American Patriots coming home in body bags, right? You support murdering babies in the womb, right? You support all the illegals coming here unvetted and you are going to pay for them, right? You support joe’s inflation plan and the plan for green energy, right? Can you afford a Tesla as the cheapest one is about $75,000. Dumb “F”.

    • Gary You are a typical lowlife democrat who cannot supply any facts about anything. It is apparent by your comment. No brains, no facts, no nothin’. It is my guess that your IQ is lower than your shoe size. I am being quite generous here with the shoe size 12M! You cannot even carry on a serious conversation with anyone here. Just a pathetic one-liner about a landslide in 2024. Why don’t you move along to another source and banter with other like-minded lowlife idiots who share your pathetic views for America as it appears you hate America. When that happens, it’s time for you to move to china. The chinese thieving, lying, conniving, counterfeiting bastards will take you until you speak against china. At that point, the chi-comm’s will then have you eliminated.

  7. Well Brian, I thought you were smart….. not any more! Why does Trump have to back off J6th? Are you for real??? Those people being detained is criminal in itself. I guess Paul Ryan is in your head!!!

  8. I’ve heard Kilmead be wrong. The story would come out the night before and he gets the details wrong in the morning. Deucy is ok and the normal female host I have never like. Because I’m up by 4:30 am I watch FOX and Friends First to get what I missed overnight and then cut it off when FOX and Friends come on. I cut back for Tucker and that’s all I watch.

  9. Hey Gary, I think I saw you drive by, wearing your mask by yourself in your car. Were you on your way to get another booster?

  10. The day these folks realize why folks love Trump will be a sad day… keep picking him apart. Trust me when we say no one cares.. 1- he’s relatable
    2- he loves our country
    3- he is NOT PC or presidential!!
    4- he’s not perfect but he gives it his all.
    5- he’s a work in progress.
    6- takes no sh$t off no one!
    7- does what he wants when he wants now that freedom!!
    If it’s all shined up speaking properly you must vote for it!!! Said no one ever. We have had this BS shoved down our throats for so long we are sick of it. While he maybe a billionaire he will still stop by McDonald’s and eat with the pheasant !! You know us the working class that pay all the taxes. I am so sick of New Yorkers and CAli telling us why when and who we should like I can’t see stright. HES NOT PERFECT THATS WHY PEOPLE LOVE HIM. Brian is as fake as it gets. Don’t he have a book to sell. SIT DOWN LITTLE ONE!


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