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Former Google employee Taras Kobernyk is bearing all after being fired from the tech giant for questioning company equity training.

Kobernyk since penned a memo laying out what concerned him while working for the Big Tech behemoth and told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday that this includes racially “damaging” behavior.

The article goes on to state the following:

“In my memo, I just tried to list different things that I encountered during my time at Google. Things that I didn’t think were right, that were disruptive and long-term damaging even for racial relations,” he said. “So Google was basically undermining things it was supposed to improve.”

Kobernyk explained that it was common at Google for employees to write down things that worried them and that his manager had encouraged the practice after speaking to him.

After writing his concerns, Kobernyk was asked to remove the document because it was flagged “inappropriate” and “offensive.”

“I ultimately refused to delete the document and that’s when Google fired me.”

“Verbally I was told that certain sections of the document were questioning living experiences of people of color of criticizing fellow employees or even that I was using the word ‘genetics’ in the racial context,” he explained.

The Columbia Bugle tweeted Thursday, “Tucker Carlson Interviewing Google Whistleblower Taras Kobernyk, Who Was Fired For Questioning Woke Training Programs Tucker: ‘I hope you get another job that pays better and allows you the freedom to think for yourself, and I admire your bravery.'”

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  1. Were you unable to Google “tank man” on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre? Well, Google just identified him for us. But unlike the PLA, it squashed him like a bug.

    Don’t think you’re not next!

  2. these big tech giants are fascists and take a page from CCP book. CCP literally censors and puts TV broadcast on rainbow screen when Mike Pence talked badly of them during the VP debate. And that’s exactly what Google, FB, Twitter etc are doing and more.

  3. The labor board in California should be called immediately! It’s time for huge Class action suites against these tech giants and their discrimination . They are in violation of every labor law here!

  4. Well more and mire if these ” tech giant” employees are realizing juat what the game us and are speaking out i see a real domino effect here and its about time these giants came tumbling down


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