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Congressman Chris Jacobs (R-NY), who was endorsed by the National Rifle Association in 2020, said he would support a ban on assault weapons following two horrific mass shootings at a grocery store in New York and an elementary school in Texas.

Jacobs made the remarks — a contradiction to the Republican party’s staunch stance on gun laws — during a news conference on Friday.

The article goes on to state the following:

Jacobs, a Republican from New York who was endorsed by the NRA in 2020, also said he is in favor of raising the age for some gun purchases to 21.

“If an assault weapons ban bill came to the floor that would ban something like an AR-15, I would vote for it,” he said, according to The Buffalo News. “So I want to be clear: I would vote for it.”

“Individuals cannot buy beer, they cannot get cigarettes until 21. I think it’s perfectly reasonable that the age limit at least for these highly lethal, high-capacity semi automatic weapons should be 21,” he said.


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  1. Another Rhino comes to the surface. Simple horrible fact is our children are at risk because our officials refuse to protect our schools with armed security. The sick killers that attack our schools because they know no one can or will return fire and that the media will flood the airwaves with all the uninformed speculation possible.

  2. So then these whack jobs use a different gun,then what? Ban that one too? What about knives? More people are killed in this country with knives than guns. Pass another law? Murder is already illegal, why isn’t that law working? Law abiding sane citizens don’t commit murder. All these whackos have many things in common, but the one thing is they all were known to authorities and or people to be unstable, yet they still slipped through the cracks. Enforce the laws we already have.

  3. WHAT IS AN ASSAULT RIFLE?? If an AR-15 is an assault rifle,which it’s not, then all semi automatic rifle fit that category. The AR in AR-15 stands for armalite rifle. The manufacturer’s name. I swear these politicians are all dunce heads and need to be wearing dunce caps so we can recognize them at all times!!

    • All guns can be an assault weapon! Like I said do many times, you can ban all of the guns you like, it’s still not going to stop a person who plans snd Carrie’s out a mass shooting. They will get a gun no matter what. If there’s a will, there’s a way. The best solution is preventative measures to be implemented and enforced. Also, police training needs to be ramped up!

  4. jacobs: you’re wrong. Don’t remove MY rights because children are being domiciled – not raised.

    No dad’s in the home – the mothers are working – the supposed adults give horrid “truths”: cops are bad, schools are wrong, boys can be girls if they say so, etc.

    No, guns aren’t the problem; the problem is the breakdown of the family unit; God removed from the schools and much of daily life at the insistence of a few; and I think it began with the government, via lbj’s “great society” as the beginning of the “repeal” of personal responsibility and accountability, and the ever increasing societal dependence on government financial support instead of people supporting themselves.

  5. Do a recall petition on him and get rid of him!! So everyone should be be at the mercy of criminals that have guns because of some people are afraid!!!
    What f__ken sense does that make!!
    He needs to be out!! We will have a black market in this country for AR15’s and other makes that will put even more of them on the street!! They did this with alcohol in the 20’s and it failed!! I love the AR15, but you can hide a semi auto pistol much easier than a long rifles with larger caliber bullets!! We have the dumbest people in the history of congress serving there and they were voted in by Americans who must be as stupid as them!! He deceased his voters if he didn’t run on banning AR15 and now he is a coward!!

  6. New York Republican……now there’s a contradiction in terms.

    Schools are “gun free zones.” How is that working out for you?

    FYI…..the wolves go where the sheep are.

    Why is everybody sofa king
    Styoo-pid? LET’S GO BRANDON!

  7. I agree with many others: comments get blocked. Shame on DML & his reviewers. And I wasn’t vulgar or anything akin to that.

    Not a good look, DML.

  8. They criminalize law abiding citizens instead of deal with issues to tackle the illegal purchases of guns. The Government has been wanting to disarm Americans from legal gun ownership for a long time. They pay off police and insight these attacks on innocent people. DO NOT DOUBT FOR ONE SECOND THEY ARE BEHIND THESE ATTACKS. They can try to take our guns but they will fail. This tyranny is why the 2 A was put in place. Our Government is Fraudulent and we know this. Time to Stand up and fight back, God fearing Jesus loving America! FAITH, FREEDOM & FAMILY. Let’s do this!

  9. Didn’t California Federal Appeals court just rule that making the age requirement of 21 unconstitutional when purchasing an automatic rifle? They moved it back to 18 as it was before.
    What are these Congressmen talking about?
    The left is never going to stop until it can confiscate some or all of our firearms.They will never let a catastrophe like what just happened in Uvalde Tx go to waste.
    And we all are praying for those families involved.
    Common sense safety rules for schools as DML has laid out,as they are being used in Florida,for starters
    My opinion, let’s tighten up the data base for background checks
    Stop erasing the felony juvenile records.Allow the behavior centers to put these troubled people before a judge so there mental condition shows on their background check to purchase a firearm
    And let’s fund some Mental Heath care
    Lord knows our youth need it after the the affects of the pandemic

  10. You can ban all of the guns you want. It still will not stop a person who intends to and plans a mass shooting. It’s like the old saying goes: If there’s a will, there’s a way.

  11. REMEMBER……when seconds count, law enforcement will be out in the parking lot for hours trying to organize a circle jerk.


  12. And of course the Left gets to decide what defines “assault weapon”. The fact is they want to ban ALL guns, starting with semi-automatics.


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