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Rep. Lisa McClain, R-Mich., on Monday responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments calling the Michigan lawmaker “that woman.”

“That woman on the floor should be apologizing for what she said,” Pelosi, D-Calif., told The Hill on Monday, referencing McClain’s Monday speech on the House floor.

The article goes on to state the following:

McClain fired back on Twitter, saying that as “that woman,” she would not “apologize for calling out the double standards” Pelosi has “set.”

In a brief but fiery speech on the House floor Monday, McClain slammed the remarks of Rep. Maxine Water at the BLM protest in Minnesota Saturday night, noting that right after that, there was a drive-by shooting which targeted police and National Guardsmen.

“Today I rise because of the double standards in this chamber,” McClain said, describing the shooting.  “If this were reversed, if this was said by a Republican, you know, Mrs. Madam Speaker, that the majority in this chamber would move to strip that representative from their committee, and possibly move to expel them from Congress.

She noted that if that was former President Trump, he would be accused of inciting a riot.

“If the majority cares about this institution, if the majority cares about our nation, they need to get their own house in order and tamp down on the vile rhetoric,” McClain declared, as Pelosi banged the gavel to get her stopped.

C-Span reporter Craig Caplan quoted Pelosi’s response:

Pelosi to Hill reporters, following MI GOP Rep. McClain’s House floor remarks, on whether CA Democratic Congresswoman Waters needs to apologize for her comments: “No she doesn’t. That woman on the floor should be apologizing for what she said.”

Pelosi to @AnnieGrayerCNN: “She was attributing some murder, some incident that happened after that to Maxine’s statement. No, Maxine talked about confrontation in the manner of the Civil Rights movement.”

Rep. McCain fired back, “As “that woman,” no I won’t apologize for calling out the double standards that you have set @SpeakerPelosi.”

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    • I’m honestly surprised she still is. She must have some mighty good police protection while she’s trying to get them all defunded, fired, and thrown in prison.

  1. Its bad enough we have a Big Top Circus in the Whitehouse staring Bozo the Clown, Giggles ,and Nancy Pelosi as the ring leader . And the animals caged up in the congress chamber doing what they are told with a whip.

  2. I love how she called out Pelosi, she’s got back bone and I applaud those that give it back to the crying whiney babies on the left. Good woman!

  3. Biden, Pelosi, and Waters all need to go to a nursing home! That’s exactly where they belong.Bravo to Lisa McClain for speaking the truth to lies!

  4. Now if only the rest of the Republicans would grow a backbone and do the same. Demorats need to be put in their place. They’re destroying our country.

  5. These two will mummify before they leave it seems.
    Evil defiles good and Good gets denounced as evil.
    Yes these are those days no question.

  6. Do the republicans have no power? No spine? no balls at all? how is this allowed to CONTINUALLY happen and go on and on and on with no repercussions EVER except when a conservative does it? This is not just insane but criminally insane!


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