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Republicans have launched a television ad in Austin, Texas, hyping voter ID, featuring a black man explaining how he can get an ID, no problem.

In a straight-to-camera appeal, Melvin Everson—the black man in the new Republican National Committee (RNC) television ad—explains to viewers that he has no problems getting an ID.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I’m Melvin Everson, says it right here,” Everyone says in the ad. “I use my ID to drive, fly, even pick up tickets to a ball game. It proves I am who I say I am. But Democrats say Black folks like me don’t know how to get one of these. The truth is they think this stops them from winning an election. That is what Democrats really care about.”

The ad will play on television in Austin, Texas, according to the article.

Gov. Greg Abbott recently called a special session of the legislature to discuss election integrity bills. Democrats from the state who refuse to vote on such bills fled to DC to try and deny the state House a quorum. The Texas state Senate has already passed the election reforms.

WATCH the ad here:

GOP tweeted Wednesday, “Republicans launched a TV ad in Texas calling out Democrat lies about voter ID. ‘While Democrats launch dishonest theatrics, Republicans will continue our comprehensive efforts to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.’—@GOPChairwoman.”

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