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The brother of Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) on Wednesday commended Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for her speech calling for the Arizona lawmaker to be censured for posting an anime video depicting violence against the New York congresswoman while also calling his sibling “dangerous.”

Ocasio-Cortez delivered an impassioned speech on the House floor minutes before the lower chamber voted to censure Gosar for sharing the violent anime video calling on her colleagues to make clear that they will not stand for provocations of violence against members of Congress.

The article goes on to state the following:

“What is so hard about saying that this is wrong? This is not about me. This is not about Rep. Gosar. But this is about what we are willing to accept,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

Tim Gosar told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace that Ocasio-Cortez was “powerful, succinct and spot on.”

“Saying what matters and what is important and what is true and accurate, so I commend her and hope people are listening,” he added, referring to his brother as ‘dangerous, unhinged, and reckless.’

Gosar also suggested that his brother should “not only be censured, but he needs to be expelled, and if at the end of that process..criminal charges are warranted, criminal charges should be brought.”


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  1. Shame that a brother would go on the communist networks and say such horrible things about his flesh and blood. Defending AOC who deliberately took jobs away from thousands of New Yorkers, AOC who advocates for communism. I guess we know where the brother stands on that. I suppose he’s already getting his free stuff from the government and now he’ll most certainly get more for his appearance on TV.

  2. Hey aoc 🖕and Tim government your a traitor to your own family time to disown your cheap ass . If you were my brother I’d tell ya straight up never ever ask me for anything again .

  3. AOC says in a perfect world people would be able to say that posting memes about her were not right. Actually that’s the only safe thing that we can do unless we live in her district & could vote her out. Apparently the left has forgotten all the things they’ve said about Trump when he was in office. Yet in reality, if we lived in a perfect world, brainless feckless morons like AOC wouldn’t have been elected to Congress & the Squad & all those other America hating migrant asshats wouldn’t be living in our country, let alone be working in our Gov’t.

  4. There’s something mentally wrong with the brother. I bet If you did some checking up on him, he’s either a druggie or asked for money & the brother refused.
    As for what the congressman said or did, these people have short memories. What they ALL said about Trump could fill a stadium.

  5. What about the movie the dems promoted about killing trump or hunting of conservatives or the comedian with trips severed head and Oprah or woo pie wanting to blowup the whitehousem
    The democrats are short on memory ,morals and fairplay

  6. Imagine that Thanksgiving. The old saying bloods thicker than water? Not true. But it seems every family has that one donkey horse in it

  7. If my brother did that to me He would take a butte whipping
    Pathetic moron He has to be to take up for the green deal idiot.
    This idiot is a danger to America If he turns against his own brother Dear God who else would he destroy.
    Would have been better if he just kept his stupid mouth shut Now there is no doubt as to his intentions


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