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California Gov. Gavin Newsom pledged to house and feed the world’s homeless population this week during a whirlwind “Comeback California” tour that is designed to stave off a September recall by angry voters.

The Golden State is already cracking under the weight of the nation’s largest homeless population and one of the worst economic climates post-COVID-19. With millions of middle-class residents and business owners fleeing to red states, those left behind have seen a burgeoning lower class emerge.

The article goes on to state the following:

Gasoline is pushing $5 a gallon, 18 million homeless pack into all the blue cities, and dilapidated freeways are strewn with trash.

Newsom has pledged $12 million to tackle the homeless problems the state faces.

“It’s about getting people off the streets, out of incidents of crisis, and meeting people where they are and to the extent that people want to come here for new beginnings and all income levels, that’s part of the California dream,” Newsom said. “We have a responsibility to accommodate and enliven and inspire, and California’s dream is still alive and well.”

Newsom added. “I’m proud of people from around the world looking at California again for opportunity, and that, again, that should not just be for certain people. All people should aspire to that California dream regardless of their income level and regarding their lot in life.”

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva was not particularly pleased with the announcement from Newsom.

“As a private citizen, I support the [Newsom] recall,” he said.

“Those comments blew us away, we are trying to keep our heads above water, and he goes and says that?” Villanueva told the Washington Examiner. “When he invites the rest of the nation’s homeless to California, that is the death wish.”

Mayor of Long Beach City tweeted Wednesday, “Had a chance to take Governor @GavinNewsom to some local shops today and introduce him to some incredible small business owners and workers. The California Comeback is here in Long Beach.”

Democratic Governors tweeted, “’I don’t think homelessness can be solved – I KNOW homelessness can be solved.’— Gov. @GavinNewsom.”

WATCH the press conference here:

CA Department of Consumer Affairs tweeted, “California today entered a new era, making historic investments in housing and policy reforms to comprehensively address homelessness and housing affordability with a $12 billion housing and homelessness package signed by Governor Gavin Newsom.”

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  1. Newsom is an @$$hole and I am glad I don’t live in mexafornia. He allows illegals in and gives them everything and has had yrs to address the homeless in his state, now because he is being recalled he thinks this crap he is pushing will save him…..I hope the people realize he will give the housing and help to the illegals first.

  2. Gruesome is the worse governor this state has ever had let’s just invite more illegals and homeless into California.
    He is trying to save his ass from getting recalled this is just going to make that happen.
    He needs to go!!!!!!

  3. Meanwhile in calis house of tents spread statewide AMERICANS languish in HUGE numbers i know send the worlds homeless to HIS house S O B

  4. Do the homeless there even have the capacity to vote? Homeless here in my state are so strung out on drugs that they walk down the middle of busy 4 lane streets screaming at nothing. Cars have to swerve to avoid hitting them! Thanks for decriminalizing drug use! The rehab is really working out! NOT!

  5. What a narcissistic piece of shit. Trying to do all he can to not get removed. The deep state driven pile of crap needs to be removed. Along with all the blue state lying letting there towns suffer morons.

  6. He is so out of touch with reality! Hopeless pos has no idea what it will take to solve the homeless problem. Throwing money at it and providing some cheap shelter won’t cut it. You hv to stop bringing illegals in & giving them handouts & every advantage over the citizens for starters dumb a$$. Paupers cannot afford to live there. Long Beach is a wealthy community, but they are still walking around in masks down there!?! WTH. Oh its the threat of that new ‘variant’ now. It won’t be long before they’re all locked down again. Yeah, nice economy. For the wealthy. Byebye newt.

  7. Wow, he is hoping the homeless will keep him in office. This is disgusting! If he gets voted to stay, he will call the homeless suckers, and do nothing!!!!

  8. Poor excuse for a so-called governor. Anti American deep state paid puppet. Thinks he’s up there with God. These Democrats have yo ho. They are ruining our country. He’s gotta go along with every other blue state Democrat

  9. There’s that phrase again “Root causes”…a lot of homelessness is caused by alcohol and drug addiction. Also mental Illness (possibly caused by alcohol/drug addiction) so there is your “Root Cause”! I was born here in California…I have watched California change so much and NOT for the better! We have people even living in their cars here! The problem is massive!

  10. Possibly the worst governor anywhere, anytime…

    It’s remarkable how generous socialists are with other people’s money!

  11. The California Dream🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sorry newsom but that isn’t going to get you off the recall. . If anything you just gave Californians another reason to vote your sorry a## out.

  12. Load up buses in other states, give each homeless person $50 to board, and send them all to Newsome’s governors mansion.

  13. They shoot horses, don’t they. Homeless Newscum needs to be jobless. Vote him out ,,,,
    i’m a 5th generation Californian, the Democratic Socialist Party has ruined our
    once-great state.


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