VIDEO: Governor proposes giving $2 billion back to taxpayers amid election contest with Democrat

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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is set to give nearly $2 billion back to taxpayers in the state amid his re-election contest with Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Kemp announced Thursday afternoon that Georgia has a budget surplus of $5 billion and said a bulk of the funds would be returned to taxpayers through various initiatives.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I believe that isn’t the government’s money,” Kemp said at a news conference in the state Capitol, FOX 5 of Atlanta reported. “It’s yours and our job isn’t to spend it all just because we can.”

Kemp said, “We want to give you, the citizens, your money back, because it’s going to be more than we just need to spend on wasteful projects.”

He continued, “This is one-time money. If you build new government programs with one-time money, it’s not going to be there the next year and she’s not going to be able to pay for all the plans that she is putting out there without raising your taxes and that is a fact.”

Kemp tweeted Thursday, “Today I announced a proposal for ANOTHER $1 billion refund to Georgia taxpayers! While we can’t fix everything Washington has broken, we are doing our part to give families in our state relief from 40-year-high inflation.”

“In the last year, Georgia has added 51,132 new jobs and $21.2 billion in economic investment. We’re in this position b/c we were first to reopen, invested in our workforce, & kept taxes low. As Governor, I will continue to bring high-paying jobs to every corner of our state.”

GA Senate Republicans tweeted, “Today, surrounded by lawmakers, Gov. Kemp announced GA Republican-backed inflation relief proposals to help hardworking Georgians. ‘I believe that isn’t the government’s money, it’s yours. And our job isn’t to spend it all just because we can,’ said Kemp. We couldn’t agree more!”

WATCH the report below:

Abrams tweeted, “This fall we face a generational moment to take meaningful action for everyday Georgians using the $5 billion surplus as well as $2.3 billion in unspent COVID relief funds. But Brian Kemp has never taken any action to lead our state. He just shows up with a can of paint.”

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  1. Put Stacy Abrams in office and budget surpluses and job growth will be things of the past.
    Can’t that woman find more suitable work? School lunch lady? Maid?

  2. Folks, this is an ENDOWMENT. All of the CITIES use these as a a buffer when times are tough on their budgets. When there is a BOND ISSUED, it usually paid with the ENDOWMENT. Then taxes are raised to pay back into the ENDOWMENT fund. FACT CHECK ME

  3. Every City, County and state has a ENDOWMENT. it’s a buffer to help when taxes don’t cover budgets. Just think, why hasn’t alot of these cities gone BANKRUPT?

  4. That culture will destroy your state and you will become another NY and California. Culture of dummies and it will be your demise, she is a pathetic person who has zero ability to lead your state. Ignorant fools that just pull the lever for these corrupt DEMONcrates that know who they control

  5. Abrams is the wrong choice for Georgia. If Georgia wants to become NY or Ca then by all means vote for her. Now is the time to stop the far left agenda. Stop socialism. Save our country. Send Abrams packing. It’s too late for some states. Georgia still has time to stop the insanity. Vote RED.


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