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Macy Gray doubled down on her push to change the U.S. flag, arguing that it represents “divisiveness and hate” in the modern day.

The Grammy-winning singer recently went viral after penning an op-ed for MarketWatch on Juneteenth in which she called for the flag to receive an update to better reflect America’s past, alleging that it has “replaced” the confederate flag as a symbol of racism and hate.

The article goes on to state the following:

“America is great,” she wrote. “It is beautiful. Pure, it ain’t. It is broken and in pieces.”

In an exclusive interview with Fox 11 host Susan Hirasuna in Los Angeles on Monday, Gray doubled down in her slam against the U.S. flag, declaring that since it was carried by Capitol rioters on Jan. 6, it needs to go. “Why do we have to celebrate a flag that now represents divisiveness and hate?”

She’s designed her own revision of the flag she wants, changing the colors of the stars from all white to different colors to represent different skin tones in America, and added two more stars, to include Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

Of the current U.S. flag, Gray declared, “I shouldn’t have to salute it, I shouldn’t have to honor it, I shouldn’t have to pledge to it. All I’m saying is let’s redesign the flag for the rest of us who aren’t a part of that tribe.”


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