VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Illegal Migrant Trying To Run Away From Agents Get Hit By Car

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An illegal migrant who was allegedly smuggled over the southern border into Texas was fatally struck by a car as he tried to evade border patrol agents, graphic video shows.

The body cam footage, published to Twitter by Fox’s Bill Melugin, shows officers in Brooks County arresting a human smuggler when suddenly several illegal immigrants “bailed out of his vehicle and ran.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“One ran into the highway & was struck & killed by a vehicle.”

The video shows the man jump out of the truck and start to run from police. As he jumps out of the truck, another car hits him and sends him flying up into the air. The footage also reveals the man lying on the side of the road bleeding. The officer covers him up with a blanket after discovering he had succumbed to his wounds.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin tweeted Thursday, “WARNING GRAPHIC: As @TxDPS troopers were taking a human smuggler into custody in Brooks County, several illegal immigrants bailed out of his vehicle and ran. One ran into the highway & was struck & killed by a vehicle. Smuggler charged w/ human smuggling causing death.”

Editor Peter Hasson tweeted, “After Texas DPS stopped a human smuggling attempt, a migrant ran into the road and was killed by an oncoming car, one of several migrant deaths near border, @AdamShawNY and @BillFOXLA report.”

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  1. How come I cannot feel that sorry? I feel sorry for any loss of life, but this and several others could have been prevented if Joe would just seal the f’n border.

  2. I do feel bad. Regardless of the circumstances, he was someone’s son. As a mother, it saddens me. But I blame BIDEN, PELOSI, SCHIFF, HARRIS (the big border czar), and every single person who voted for these monsters. You all have blood on your hands. I hope you never get another decent nights sleep again.

  3. I am sure we will be sending his family a check as compensation for their loss. Isn’t America great. So let’s see, Biden has now killed 54 illegals with his stupidity and woke policies. Vote all red in November so we can impeach Joe and the rest of the real insurrectionist.


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