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More than a dozen NYPD cops have ditched the Big Apple to join the force in a small Florida city — part of a nationwide trend of disgruntled officers finding greener pastures in pro-police communities.

Lakeland — a community of 108,000 people 35 miles east of Tampa — mounted a social media campaign targeting NYC cops earlier this year, and in April dispatched a delegation to recruit in Times Square.

The article goes on to state the following:

Fourteen former Finest moved to Lakeland in the past year — 12 of them wooed over the past two months thanks to the recruiting trip.

The report highlights a press conference that took place with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the former NYPD officers on September 7.

Former NYPD cop Matthew Spoto said coming to Florida was an “eye opener,” and said back in New York “it was almost like I was ashamed to be a police officer.”

In New York, Spoto said he was afraid to even tell people he was a cop, and would lie and say he was a bartender instead.

Spoto said when a Lakeland recruiter told him he could park his police car in front of his home, “I thought that was mind-blowing.”

WATCH the short video below:

“Last Friday afternoon, our LakelandPD family welcomed nine new officers! We know you will do great things serving our Lakeland community!” tweeted the Lakeland Police Department on Sept. 27.

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  1. Sounds like heaven. Be blessed and prosper in your new state and community. You all made the right decision. God bless these officers and families!!❤️ 👮👮‍♀️ ❤️

  2. Good decision in get out if that shithole of New York. I always thought California can fall into the ocean and now so can New York. There are also a few other states that can also drop off the face of earth and they won’t be missed. Or should I also include The State of MN. Numerous Dem cities like Chicago and Portland. Please add your favorite crap dem city!!Washington DC….

  3. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL! Thank you to Governor DeSantis for opening up the opportunities for these Hero’s who will be valued for what they have worked so hard to get. I am so happy for all involved! From a Minnesotan who Governor has allowed nothing but chaos.

  4. A win for Florida and these new police officers. Welcome back to civilization. Most communities have policemen parking their vehicles in front of their home. My sisters husband does everyday of the week. He also has his canine partner living there. It’s called civilization. Look at New York, San Francisco, and the rest of the big lib cities, it’s like its law abiding citizens are now living in Anarco-Tyranny, where the criminals gang up on a lone citizen beating the living crap out of them for their wallet, and nothing happens to the criminals when caught, for an example. They just let them out. And the law abiding citizen is arrested for trying to protect themselves. That’s how they want the US to be apparently. All the liberal people with lots of money living in their bubble have their drivers pick them up and drop them off everywhere. They don’t walk the streets in New York because now they’re scared that this violence will happen to them. And it will, we’ll read it in the news sooner or later. But that’s what the ‘elite libs’ want, all part of the plan, Anarco-Tyranny. Read all about it on︅, it will enlighten one and all. That’s what’s going on.

  5. Congratulations to all who have found a place to be appreciated. I as a retiree of the NYPD find it very disturbing that this is what’s happening to my city. I spent 25 years cleaning up the city I loved. It’s heartbreaking to see it spiral out of control again. I’m really hoping Adam’s opens his eyes and takes it back. Allow the Police to do their jobs. It’s an ugly job and a fine line between good and evil. Sad to say evil is winning at the moment. 😒
    God bless all of the men and women who put their lives on the line every day. Thank you for your service!

  6. On the surface this sounds great
    Look at the broader picture.
    These are officers who were under a union that really was ruled by democrats and their ideas.
    And they 90% of the time voted to keep democrats in office so their union would prosper.
    I hope these are the cream of the crop for Floridians sake. If not it’s another bunch of People bringing their nasty voting habits to another state To ruin that state . California and Especially Austin Texas are great examples of how they can ruin a state by being the same habits they ruined their state with

  7. Congratulations to all those Officers and welcome to Florida. I left that nasty state of New York years ago because I couldn’t stand the liberal BS destroying it. I love Florida and our great Governor, and I’m sure they will as well….


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