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Black Lives Matter activists and patrons brandished guns at each other after a demonstration entered a restaurant’s dining area Saturday evening in Louisville, Kentucky, according to police.

Approximately 50 protesters stopped at La Chasse restaurant and began to harass restaurant patrons, according to a Twitter video. Video footage captured a man pointing his gun at the protestors from the outdoor dining area, the Courier Journal reported.

The article goes on to state the following:

An unidentified woman was filmed as she physically moved protesters away and shooed them from the restaurant tables. Several protesters took videos on their phones as she repeatedly shouted “keep going” and gestured them to move away from an armed man.

Courier Writer Hayes Gardner tweeted Saturday, “A group of about 20 protesters are marching outside of Churchill Downs ahead of the 147th Kentucky Derby in #Louisville. ‘We haven’t forgotten Breonna,’ one sign says.”

According to a report by The Blaze, Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) arrived at the restaurant at about 8:35 p.m.

LMPD told the Daily Caller that the restaurant had called to report a group of protestors outside. The employee told police “that multiple armed protesters entered the… outdoor dining space. During the encounter both patrons and protesters brandished firearms.”

Gardner then tweeted the heated exchange between protestors and patrons of the restaurant.

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  1. These ignorant BLM morons have got to go!! I love that lady who told them to get the hell out! She was brave. Everyone should be like her!!

  2. Bravo to this man and woman!
    BLM and ANTIFA are a bunch of cowards – this is the only language they understand!
    If we want our country back, everywhere we go we better be prepared to defend ourselves!

  3. They need to realize that we are getting tired of the crap, I am proud to see them standing up to them, happy no one got hurt.

  4. This is how we save our country! They have to be stopped and just like this man and woman this is the way to start. They are acting like fools! I would never back down to anyone trying to intimidate me, and neither should anyone else. We the people need to stop them.

  5. This is no different than, say, the KKK marching through the streets harassing black people and terrorizing them. People are making lots and lots of money on this bully organization. It is creating a lot of trouble that wasn’t there before. It started out with the police and ended up to include all white people, white people who own businesses, and they even destroyed black people’s businesses, so it’s confusing. Many groups are a bunch of punks emboldened by being in numbers. It’s rarely peaceful. It’s WRONG!

  6. They should ask the BLM activists why Breonna’s family didn’t receive a penny from BLM, but they fund raised off her death. BLM profited enough for the head of their organization to buy several mansions in “white” communities. She’s laughing all the way to the bank while her minions are on the streets doing her dirty work. I don’t think any of their lives matter to her.

    • It’s odd that it was the purchase of several mansions in a white community. They will probably fill up those houses with BLM activists then terrorize the neighborhoods, bringing down the value of the entire neighborhood.

    • Susan, you are exactly correct! BLM has done exactly nothing for each black or white family injured by the police or BLM/ANTIFA and their riots. BLM hasn’t even recognized the people they have killed/murdered nor the property damage they have done to the communities they allegedly represent. Instead BLM has lined the pockets of its founder, ActBlue and Democrat candidates.

  7. Until tbese groups are severely dealt with ( and tbis admin will NOT) these thugs will continue doing what tbey do


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