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Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday claimed that a lack of “climate adaptation and climate resilience” in Northern Triangle countries was one of the root causes of the migration crisis at the southern U.S. border — along with a list of other issues including violence and government corruption.

Republicans have pointed to the rolling back of Trump-era border protections like construction of the border wall and the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) for the surge in migration at the southern border this year — which has left the Biden administration scrambling to house them, and has seen migrants being released into the interior without court dates.

The article goes on to state the following:

But the White House has doubled down on its emphasis on root causes such as violence and poverty for the reason for the surge. Harris, who has gone 41 days without a press conference on the border since being given the task of leading the diplomatic effort with Mexico and Central America, has repeatedly made a similar emphasis.

During a speech to the Washington Conference on the Americas on Wednesday, Harris claimed the “longstanding root causes” of the migrant surge to the US include “corruption, violence and poverty, the lack of economic opportunity, the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience, the lack of good governance.”


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  2. What a joke and we are paying her too! It’s all the benefits America offers you idiot(Harris)! If they can walk 1000’s of miles I think they can adapt to their own climate!😡

  3. They want, the majority, free food, healthcare, housing and money. I know someone from Honduras who told me that. Then they send their money home. They will go home at some point and not come back.

  4. Fixing this involves the ho and bozo to stop paying the smugglers to get people here and stop the freebie offers. Problem solved. These free loaders weren’t miserable enough to risk life when we had a real president so no one is buying the asylum bull but the idiots who don’t see the communism plan.

  5. Harris is dummer than dirt. She can’t bring herself to check out the border but will go to Finland. Since when does she decide what she will and won’t do.

    There is not one working brain cell between her and Biden.

    I’m almost 87 years old and have never seen this country so trashed by the ones that say they love it.

    Get some courage and get rid of the trash at the Ballot Box.

  6. Wonderful how foreigners like this broad can be VP or anything else . I keep thinking have we run out of real Americans to hold offices ?


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