VIDEO: Hollywood Celebrities Overjoyed by Biden’s Banana Republic

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Hollywood celebrities had a bonfire of collective internet joy on Thursday in response to the Department of Justice’s indictment of former President Trump over classified documents he allegedly held at Mar-a-Lago.

Unaware of the disastrous consequences of the DOJ indicting a former president on suspicious charges, celebrities from Disney’s Frozen star Josh Gad to Stand by Me director Rob Reiner to Rosemary’s Baby star Mia Farrow to Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer to Joker star Marc Maron did not withhold their excitement.

“Pat Robertson is returning to hell and Trump is returning to court. Big day for justice, tweeted Marc Maron.

Actor Josh Gad said, “Trump now has more indictments than terms in office”

Actor Jeffrey Wright wrote, “Degenerate embarrassment of a clown’s been indicted so many times he finally figured out how to spell it.”

Actress Alyssa Milano tweeted the hashtag, “LockHimUp”

Actor Mark Hamill remarked, “KA BOOOOOM#JusticeDelayedIsJusticeDenied”

Author Stephen King tweeted, “Wah-wah-wah. Trump did it to himself.”

Actor Rob Reiner commented, “Indictment #2. Couldn’t happen to a nicer Criminal. More to come.”

“Fascism and Racism was just hit by a massive blow of Democracy.”

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