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Honeybees “scream” to one another in the moments before they are slaughtered by Murder Hornets, according to new research from Royal Society Open Science.

The sound is produced when the bees vibrate their wings and release a special pheromone from their abdomen.

The article goes on to state the following:

The Royal Society research called the previously unknown noise a “rallying call for collective defense” and said it was similar to “alarm shrieks, fear screams and panic calls of primates, birds and meerkats.”

Study co-author Heather Mattila told Gizmodo, “It’s alarming to hear!”

“It’s characterized by rapid bursts of high-pitched sounds that change unpredictably in frequency—they’re quite harsh and noisy,” Mattila added.

The report explains that a few dozen hornets, which can grow up to 2 inches long, will destroy a honeybee nest of thousands in just a few hours during a period scientists call a “slaughter phase.”

Gizmodo reports:  Giant hornets, owing to their bulk and ferocity, can devastate an entire bee hive in just a few hours, during which time they kill the defenders, occupy their nest, and—in the ultimate injustice—carry back the defenseless brood as food for their own larvae.

The research study was published by Royal Society Open Science on Nov. 10.

Below is a video, which captures murder hornets attacking a honeybee hive.

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