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On Thursday, “The View” co-host Joy Behar asked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre how to convince Americans that skyrocketing inflation and gas prices were not President Biden’s fault.

“The case has been made that inflation is an intractable problem around the world. We talk about it here all the time, and not just in a crisis in the states but in the eyes of many voters, ‘the buck stops with the president,’ to paraphrase Harry Truman. But with the president’s handling of inflation and the economy hitting lows in recent polls, how do you make the case to voters that his economic policies are working, that it’s not his fault, that inflation is a worldwide problem, that the gas prices are not Joe Biden’s fault? How do you do that?” Behar asked.

The article goes on to state the following:

Jean-Pierre emphasized that it was a “global challenge” and that it was connected to “Russia’s war.”

She said, “When the president walked into the White House over a year ago, the economy was tanking, schools were closed, small businesses were shutting down. Another thing he was able to do was pass the American Rescue Plan, his plan that only Democrats voted for and now you fast-forward to today, we do have some unique strengths, we do have a strong economy.”

Jean-Pierre asserted people now can “look at their household balance sheets, it is strengthened in a way because of what the president has done.”

She added that economy was in a transition and that “we’re going through that transition to be more in a stable, steady growth, and that’s how we believe we’ll be able to fight inflation.”

WATCH the clip below:

The View tweeted Thursday, “White House @PressSec Karine Jean-Pierre on Pres. Biden’s push for Congress to suspend the federal gas tax: ‘Right now, American people need relief at the pump. ‘We have to remember how we got here,’ she adds. ‘Putin’s war… has caused gas prices to go up $2 per gallon.'”

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  1. Did you not see the hearings on this this week. Inflation was up 7% since biden went in before Ukraine it’s only went up 1.7%. Even Powell from federal reserve admitted it this week in the congressional hearings. These two women are idiots!!!! Thanks to fauci and cdc who that’s why business were shutting down. If Republican governors hadn’t took it upon their selves to reopen their states we’d still be locked down and masked. It was the democrats fault and I hope history books show it & shows that msm and idiot shows like the view were propagandist.🤮

  2. If you have to try to “convince” the American people that the President is not responsible that says it all. You shouldn’t have to convince people to trust or have faith in their President.

    Joy Behar is a number one moron that needs to stay out of politics, something she has no clue of and STFU. The only reason why they have a Republican host is to publicly bully them. I don’t understand how any self respecting Republican can go in that show.

  3. How about Joy go hit the streets and go talk to people about how the economy is effecting them. Can’t believe how The View is trying to make Biden look like a good guy. Biden inherited a pandemic so thats why schools were closed and small businesses were shutting down. Trump did more for Americans even during a pandemic.

  4. Have you heard the joke 1 idiot talking to the 2 idiot how do we spin this to make the 3 idiot have no blame ??? You just did !!! All your lies don’t make it the truth !!!


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