VIDEO: Host speculates Biden declassified all documents when he was vice president

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“The View” host Whoopi Goldberg speculated on Monday that President Biden declassified all the documents discovered in recent months when he was vice president.

The ladies discussed President Biden’s credibility after a new batch of classified documents were discovered at his residence in Wilmington, Delaware.

After Goldberg discussed three kinds of classified documents, she noted, “Presidents and vice-presidents can declassify these,” albeit, “not with their brains,” adding that Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama had loosened the restrictions on declassifying documents during their presidencies.

Goldberg said, “I wish they would say all that while they’re explaining what’s going on, because if you say, you know, a ‘classified document,’ everybody goes, ‘Oh my God, How dare he keep that?’ And if these guys can declassify-presidents and vice presidents can declassify, are we chasing our tail with some of this?”

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin chimed in and agreed with the point Goldberg was trying to make, with one cavate.

She said, “So for President Biden to be able to declassify something, there has to be evidence he did, in fact, declassify it. Which is the thing Trump is trying to argue, ‘I declassified it,’ well there’s no evidence.”

Griffin continued, “What I’m frustrated by is how brazen and dismissive President Biden has been of this, because he said, ‘anyone can be irresponsible, but I have no regrets and there’s no there there, but it was locked up next to my corvette.’ This as you said is a serious matter.”

“One top secret document means a grave risk to national security. It’s a bad fact pattern for him. I said that last week ‘I think we’re going to find more documents.’ At some point, I think he needs to say, ‘There may be more. I open up any residences I have been in, you know, to be searched, by cooperation doesn’t negate the fact he had these wrongly in the first place,” she added.

Correspondent Simon Ateba tweeted Monday, “SEE IT: @Alyssafarah goes head to head with Whoopi Goldberg and @sunny Hostin on @TheView as they try to exonerate Biden and condemn Trump on classified documents scandal, try to shut her down as Sunny claims Trump was flushing classified docs down the toilets. WATCH.”

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    • Goldberg is the same Idiot that claimed “Dr.” Jill Biden wd make a good surgeon general……not realizing that “Dr.” Jill is not a medical doctor.

      She demonstrates not only her bias, but her ignorance and stupidity once again by stating that a Vice President can declassify classified documents. He can’t.

      Even the mentally challenged know this.

      • You are so on point! They keep showing how ignorant they are! Trouble with this is most who watch these loons don’t know the facts and believe everything they’re told! They’re all laughable but at the same time they have so much influence that it makes me cringe every second they say anything!!

  1. Ahhhhh, I really wish those view people would research before they speak.

    The only office that mat declassify is the President. Not the VP, and most certainly, not a Senator. And, as a Senator, he could only read classified material in a skiff, how did he get those examples out?

    • Exactly. But with these wines saying a VP can declassify, that make it true for their liberal listeners. They’ll keep repeating this narrative until they all believe it. I cannot stand “The View” & wish it would go away: too many uneducated, Un-researched statements coming from there.

  2. The far left wants to get rid of the biden and harris, that’s why they planted the documents. Wonder who the puppet masters will try and use next?

  3. A complete f’n idiot, the culture of dumb. Our daily dose of the devils from the view. Gets real old, it’s like a bad commercial that’s does not go away.

  4. Goldberg you are a Morons Miron‼️ The Vice-President has no Executive Power to Declassify anything much less “Classified Documents “‼️.. obviously you never took a Civics Class‼️ Get your big ass back to school before you open up your very large mouth‼️‼️👎👎

  5. The liberal shrills will never admit they are wrong. They would literally implode before that would happen. To LIE on national tv to protect a treasonous act is unforgivable. The VP does not have the power to declassify. Biden took classified documents as a senator as well! Please don’t insult the intelligence of the American people with your own stupidity. Just because you say it doesn’t make it true. I really wish people would stop watching this worthless show. It isn’t entertaining. It isn’t educational. It’s is a gaslighting machine. Wake up and turn off The View!

  6. I did hear that Bush and Obama wrote an executive order to allow the VP to declassify documents, however, it is in the constitution that only the President can declassify and you can’t change something that is in the constitution with an executive order. So if they did try to change it through an executive order it would be illegal, not that it would matter to them. It could only be changed if it went through Congress, an involved process and that did not happen.

    • Go to the national archives. If a doc was classified by the office of the vp it can be declassified at any time by themselves or by any future vp.

  7. I believe if you do your research that a vice president does have some declassification authority. If the Bo classified documents personally, or even previous vps who classified docs, then they do have the authority to declassify docs that that were classified by the office of the vice president. He is not authorized to declassify any other documents. Now comes the cover up. We will probably never know exactly what those documents are or who actually classified them.

  8. Is she that stupid she thinks a Vice President can declassify?
    My mouth dropped open with the stupidity of that statement on air

  9. The real issue here is what is in the documents and no one is saying anything about that it’s about all the distraction of whether he can or can’t declassify them. Deflect distract hide!


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