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An exploding hoverboard has prompted a mom in Utah to warn others of the importance of having a fire extinguisher.

Tamilisa Miner, from Lehi, Utah, posted a video on Facebook showing the moment her family’s hoverboard burst into flames last month.

The article goes on to state the following:

When the clip starts, the hoverboard is already smoking heavily in what appears to be a hallway. Miner is stepping away from the device. The video also shows a young boy standing in the room, crying.

In the clip you can see both children start to panic and run around. The girl runs down the hall and when the boy goes to follow her, the smoking hoverboard bursts into flames.

Miner who looks to have oven mitts on tries to push the hoverboard away from the electrical outlet on the wall where the device was charging. The device then bursts again with a piece that flies across the room hitting a piece of furniture catching it on fire.

Miner puts out the fire on the furniture and floor with the oven mitt then the video ends.

Miner posted a warning to her Facebook page to anyone who would listen.

She said, “Dear everyone in the world. A fire extinguisher saved my home today and possibly lives too. Do you have one? Or two or three? Do you know where they are? Do you know how to use them?”

“We let the hoverboard charge too long (?) and it exploded into flames in our hallway! Battery cells shot out like shrapnel starting smaller fires. Then the kids chair caught fire, the kitchen rug, and my panicked mind didn’t know when to stop and give up, or to keep fighting. I didn’t even think about grabbing one of our fire extinguishers until Craig rushed in with one!”

“We are extremely lucky that we were awake (barely), that Craig had returned home at 4am from a trip and was late for leaving to work this morning. Everyone is a little shaken up but fine. I tripped over chairs rushing a smoldering battery to the rocks outside.”

“We are extremely grateful for our safety, great family and neighbors, insurance, our home, and the incredible timing. Seconds before, I was upstairs. Minutes before, we were in bed from the late night. If it was in the garage we wouldn’t have known. During the night, heaven help us. I will post the security camera video too.”

WATCH the video here:

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