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Hundreds of coal miners and union advocates took to the streets of New York City this week in support of workers from Warrior Met Coal mines in Brookwood, Alabama. Approximately 1,100 Warrior Met Coal mine workers have been on strike against their employer for nearly five months, fighting for better pay and benefits.

According to the United Mine Workers of America, the current agreement with union employees was negotiated as Warrior Met Coal, which was formerly known as Walter Energy, emerged from bankruptcy in 2016. Union members argue they made numerous concessions in pay, benefits, holidays, overtime and other areas totaling more than $1.1 billion to keep the company afloat and help get it out of bankruptcy.

The article goes on to state the following:

Warrior Met produces coal used in steel production in the United States, Asia, Europe and South America. The company currently has the operational capacity to mine about 8 million tons of coal per year from more than 300 million tons of recoverable reserves, according to its website.

UMWA representatives say upper-level management was paid bonuses even as the coal miners accepted pay cuts, a separate report from Breitbart states.

Fox News states that Warrior Met Coal reported a net loss of $21.4 million for the first quarter of 2021, compared to a net income of $21.5 million for the first quarter of 2020.

Amy Kremer, co-founder of Women fo Trump, tweeted, “When Alabama Coal Miners go to NYC to protest, something is not right in this country.”

Actress Susan Sarandon came out to show her support for the striking miners.

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  1. I support them 100%. I will add this tho, I think they are lucky to have a job since Biden is in office.
    PS. What the hell is bitch face Susan Sarandon doing acting like she supports these guys, she hates Fossil fuels.


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