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Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., offered a vague response on what her relationship with the local Jewish community is like during a friendly interview with MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

Omar, a member of the progressive “Squad” on Capitol Hill, has long been accused of anti-Semitism over remarks she has made over the years from her “It’s all about the Benjamins baby” tweet targeting the pro-Israel lobby to singling out Jewish donors in a mailer while accusing her Democratic primary opponent of being “in the pocket of Wall Street.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Appearing on his “Why Is This Happening?” podcast, Hayes confronted Omar about the backlash aimed toward her.

Hayes referred to Omar’s previous remarks against former Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and noted that she has a lot of Jewish people in her own district in Minnesota, many who were offended by her comments.

“What have those relationships been like, what those conversations have been like?” he asked.

Dodging the question, Omar responded, “You know, there’s different ideologies people have. There’s different perspectives in different places where people come from and there are different relationships people have with me that sort of inform a positive reaction to anything I say or a negative reaction to anything that I say. And I think my relationships in that community and every community is along those lines.”

The Somalian refugee then changed the subject, declaring, “I’m Somali and, you know, the Somali community in Minnesota, in my first two races, 95% of them didn’t vote for me. And so I do know that the relationship that people have of you…”

The video below is set to begin at the moment the above mentioned exchange takes place. Listen for her full response.

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  1. Since she hates America so much, her citizenship should be revoked and she should be shipped back to Somalia.
    She should also be flagged as a danger to America & never ever be allowed to enter this country again.

  2. She is anti Jewish and anti Christian, because she is a Muslim and a Democrat she has gotten away with her evil rhetoric.
    She needs to go back to Somalia, she is dangerous and should never have been elected to Congress.


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