VIDEO: Illegal aliens in Texas bail from vehicle during traffic stop, here’s the smuggler

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Dashcam footage shows the moment five illegal immigrants bailed out of a vehicle and fled onto rancher property during a traffic stop in southern Texas.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said that on Friday, a DPS trooper stopped a white Toyota SUV for a traffic violation on Farm to Market Road 133 in La Salle County.

Before the stop, the vehicle’s driver pulled over and came to a rest near a ranch fence, DPS said.

Texas DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez shared dash cam and body cam footage as the chase came to an end and five illegal aliens were seen bailing out and fleeing into the night, on a ranch property.

They were not caught.

The smuggler, identified as 20-year-old Angelina Charles of Carrizo Springs, was arrested.

“A @TxDPS Trooper disrupts a human smuggling attempt on FM 133 in La Salle Co. The driver was smuggling 5 illegal immigrants & admitted to getting paid $3,200 per person. She was arrested for human smuggling. The illegal immigrants absconded into the brush,” Olivarez reported.

The officer is heard telling Charles that she already has an outstanding warrant on record for her arrest.

“I do?” she responds.

According to the report, the outstanding arrest warrant was for an assault.  Now she has been busted for human smuggling as well.

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  1. Hmmm. Will the IRS be looking into this ?
    People are making BIG $$ from the Cartel… But I’m pretty sure, they’re NOT paying taxes on their newly acquired funds.

    • Don’t you know, the IRS is looking at ways to get money from the American Citizens to pay the way for the Illegals. This administration is for the Illegals not the American Citizens. You watch it’s been going on already. The corruption is all around us. The dark side is after the Conservative and the Christians. The problem is if the illegals get Amnesty and vote Democrat they will get what they fled from.

  2. I hope they throw the book at this young lady and many people like her who are doing this!!! They are the scum of the earth! If she is an immigrant to our country, herself, I hope they deport her ass back to wherever she came from!!!


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