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After losing the chance to reclaim his old Senate seat in the Alabama Republican primary Tuesday night, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions conceded the race to his Trump-backed opponent, former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville, and said he is leaving elected office with his integrity intact.

“I leave with no regrets. I was honored to serve the people of Alabama in the Senate and I was extraordinarily proud of the accomplishments we had as attorney general. On recusal, I followed the law. I did the right thing, and I saved the president’s bacon in the process. Any other action to try to squelch an investigation in that environment would not have worked, it would have really been a catastrophe, and I’m so glad it finally ended after a prolonged time and the president has been cleared,” Sessions declared.

“I leave elected office with my integrity intact. I feel good about it. I hold my head high. I took the road less traveled. I didn’t try to excuse myself or get in a fight or undermine the leader of our country and the great work he has to do. That was an honorable path I believe,” Sessions added.

“Although this chapter of my life is closed, we all must stand up for what’s right. Alabama is worth fighting for. America is worth fighting for,” he said.  WATCH:

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