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Vice President Kamala Harris promised Central American countries to work with them to battle climate change in a speech on Tuesday, in the hopes of slowing the migrant crisis.

The vice president spoke about climate change as a “root cause” of the migrant crisis, during a virtual speech to the Washington Conference on the Americas citing the lack of  “climate adaptation,” and “climate resilience” in the region.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The work from combatting corruption to combatting climate change will not be easy,” Harris said. “And it is not new, and it could not be more important, and it will take all of us.”

“People in the region do not want to leave their homes,” she said. “They do not want to leave the communities they have known their entire lives.”

Harris then talked about people leaving their home countries because of hurricanes and that they are scared of cartels and being poor.

She said, “That’s why they leave home and come to the United States. They are suffering, they are in pain, many are experiencing unimaginable anguish.”

Tom Elliot tweeted Tuesday, “VP Harris claims ‘the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience’ are ‘root causes’ driving the surge at the southern border.”

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  1. Do you really think people are that stupid to think they are leaving and coming to America because of climate…..they are coming here because you and the idiot told them the doors were wide open , they are coming for the free stuff

  2. Well she didn’t learn anything while having sex with anything and everything to get up the ladder She forgot you needed to actually have some sense And from her and AOC plus the others
    What do you expect. I expect Americans who still want to be free Had better get their head out of their tears and see these people for who and what they are Then stand and fight Our freedoms are going every second we wait

  3. Are u kidding me?? Why didn’t we realize this b4. We just thought it was easy money free health ins. a green card among other reasons. How stupid of us Americans. We didn’t kno it was all caused by the climate. Now who voted for this lady that has to be the brightest bulb in the box

  4. Two total idiots are running the country and our GOP is day dreaming about fields of flowers and lining their pockets.

  5. Come on man!!! Wtf is wrong with these people… Even democrats are in back rooms LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF!!!! The ” ROOT CAUSE” IS JOE BIDEN AND THE DEMOCRAT PARTY….. So much bullshit anymore…. There is a reason she barely polled above DeBlasio for democrats nomination for president, ROCKS ARE SMARTER THAN HER….. WE ARE DOOMED.

  6. Ya I can see all the suffering of the kids when the arrive. Terrible won’t them wearing new nike clothes and shoes with cell phones. I can’t imagine how much they are suffering.

  7. Now that half of the Central American p are in the US, we can start investing in the region. We will turn it into the next RESORT for the vacationing rich. The next RETIREMENT destination.

  8. So tired of hearing the Democrats BS tags to justify/cover their BS lies!
    Four reasons they are coming here:
    1. “Open Biden/Harris administration”
    2. Amnesty
    3. Free,Free,Free
    4. Jobs $$$$

  9. I guess she believes all Americans buy this BS. It doesn’t matter how often you repeat your lies, they will always be lies!! They come for the free stuff!! We have hurricanes and earthquakes. We have gangs and human traffickers. And a whole lot more. It will become much worse if they continue to come unchecked. Harris shows her lack of common sense daily. She is a propaganda puppet just like her boss. How far is too far? How much is too much? Can we stop this madness?! We live in scary times. We cannot let fear paralyze us. Our freedoms are a precious commodity. We must fight for them. I know I am BLESSED to live here. Even when things look bad, which tend to be daily right now, I take a deep breath and PRAY. We do have good people fighting back. We need to grow!! We need to unite!! God Bless America 🇺🇸! Don’t buy into the BS.

  10. Just another village idiot in the village of idiots that is the Biden administration.. A comment as ludicrous as Harris made regarding climate should have been dismissed as insane…

  11. No. The border crisis will end if you finish the wall, put the ‘remain in Mexico’ policy back in place, and close the border!! It’s just that dang simple!!!

  12. America has poverty, drought, floods, hurricanes too Kamala. The weather isn’t much different here than any other country. America may not be a rich country much longer the way they like spending trillions at a time to pay for your agendas and hand out to illegals. Oh excuse me, immigrants. 🙄

  13. Why not just let them apply for Social Security and welfare and food stamps right from their home country. Then they won’t have to make the trip to the U.S. Hell they could even vote through mail in ballots. If that won’t bankrupt American I don’t know what will.


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