VIDEO: Kasich gushes over Liz Cheney’s performance, future potential

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During a Tuesday appearance on “CNN Newsroom,” former Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) heaped praise on Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) for her efforts on the January 6 committee.

Kasich said Cheney, who has broken from many of her GOP colleagues in investigating former President Donald Trump’s role in the riot at the U.S. Capitol, had “done a terrific job.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“At some point, the bulk of Republicans are going to break out of this coma that they have been in, and I don’t know what form that’s going to take,” Kasich advised. “I mean, she’ll have a speaking career; she’ll be able to travel all over the country. Her voice will not be silenced. And I think that’s what she probably wants more than anything else is for her voice to be heard.”

Kasich added that he would not rule out Cheney running for president, and declared, “She’s done a terrific job on that committee. She’s performed so well. Her statements have been terrific. I’m not worried about her future. She’s going to have a great one.”

He shared a clip from the interview on Twitter, and wrote, “Win or lose, I’m betting that @Liz_Cheney wouldn’t trade all the good that she’s done for all the elections in the world. Most politicians don’t have a good answer when you ask them what they did in office. Her conscience is driving her and her courage will be remembered.”

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  1. What about Ashli Babbitt? What about J6 prisoners? Where are the due process? Freedom of speech?? Kacsich, you are fool!!! The election was stolen!! Look at Magoo”s lowest poll. Stop being out of touch!!!! Pray for God’s help now!!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. She’s so good that neither party would get behind her for a re election. Certainly not her constituents. It’s good he has a personal opinion, but that’s all it is. Typical gaslighting techniques. There’s terms they use for such a glorified talk up..
    💩😘 💩👃🏻

  3. RINOs
    The old Republican Party is a dying breed
    If you look at the influence Trump has had on the Primary’s (It is almost unbelievable)
    Either you are part of this or you are not
    The future of our country is at stake
    Onto the November elections and a huge Red Wave
    Enough is enough, TIME to vote these 3 day old fish O U T

  4. I’m constantly amazed at how Kasich continues to believe that anyone is interested in what he has to say. And of course Liz Cheney doesn’t want to be silenced. She’s delusional.

  5. Cheney will never get the GOP nomination if she thinks she can bet trump not a chance she is finished in the GOP. Cheney was always a democrat never a republican she always voted with the democrats she is a traitor and worthless hack of a person .. hageman is going to beat her so bad today it’s going to be fun to watch .. she voted to impeach trump so bye bye Cheney !

  6. Kasich was my RINO puke governor for 8 years. He is such a worthless piece of 💩. Never take his word for anything. DeWine is a RINO too!

  7. Kasich? You mean the loser loser loser that the only job he could get was as a trump hating, boot licking Liz lover on CNN? Hahaha, what a prick. I hope both he and Liz keep losing in politics-they’re obvious losers in life. You can be rich, but you can’t buy class.

  8. Oh please!!!! She compared herself to Abraham Lincoln!!! Her and Kinzinger have not represented the Republican constituents in their states at all!! They have aligned themselves with democrats! It’s sickening! She didn’t discover a cure for cancer with her Jan6 bullshit! She doesn’t even know what democracy is, only her version of it! Her father describing Trump as the most dangerous threat to America makes me wonder if he is operating on all cylinders!!

  9. Kasich wants to be on the losing ticket with her. The guy is an idiot. Good way to realize that no one likes or cares about you.

  10. John Who? You gotta give it to Liz — she “stood on principle,” even though it required her to lie and cheat the whole way! Next, it’s off to MSNBC and co-hosting The View. After that, who knows? Maybe even a run at the presidency. After all, who else do the Democrats have? And what else do they stand for except opposition to Pres. Trump? And they’re even delusional enough to think she could win.


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