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Claudia Conway, 17, said she is ‘not celebrating July 4th today’ on Monday as she clapped back at a reporter who called her a ‘potty mouth’ for leading pro-abortion protests after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

She urged Americans ‘especially at a time like this not to buy into July 4th propaganda.’

The article goes on to state the following:

‘You know – ‘land of the free.’ We’re not free,’ she insisted.


In a longer version of the interview, Conway is heard referring to herself “as a member of the LGBTQ community.”

The teen was seen leading protesters through the streets and shouting through a megaphone, “F-this-s-t! F- Kavanaugh,” “F-July Fourth!” and “My body, my choice!”

Conway then fired back at North Jersey reporter Deena Yellin who reportedly referred to her “potty mouth.”

“brought her potty mouth..” you mean the mouth that fights for human rights? I’m 17… Shame on you, Deena Yellin. Learn how to report neutrally ESPECIALLY when writing about a teenage activist. Ugh. @northjersey

Conway posted a photo of herself during a protest giving the middle finger and holding a sign that reads, “F**k SCOTUS.”

Miss Conway also posted a longer video of an interview she gave on why she is protesting against the Supreme Court. She claimed that she partially blames former President Donald Trump, and also blames Joe Biden for not doing anything to stop the ruling:

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  1. Pampered little twerp !!! How can they call it reproductive rights when the my are murdering and tearing live babies that can feel pain into pieces right up to deliver !!!! Spoiled little Beeotch !!

  2. To make this snarky self absorbed baby relevant well that’s just wrong perhaps mommy should send her to china for a scared straight vacation

  3. Mrs. Conway should have sent her daughter to a private school. So unappreciative!! Public educational system brainwashed her. Sad. 😔

  4. Little claudia is a direct influence/product of her “never Trumper” Trump derangement syndrome piece of 💩 father!! She is an entitled child leftard idiot thanks to him.

  5. Her fathers daughter. That KellyAnne quite her job to salvage her marriage to that slob of a pig husband of hers is as baffling as the idiocy & ignorance her overindulged daughter spews.

  6. Claudia…’re a spoiled little brat who’s never been taught what a great country u live in. Nor do u have the first clue about what others sacrificed so that u cd live in such a country.

    Since u are concerned only about YOU, and your so-called “reproductive right” to abort your own children, it never occurred to u that your unborn child also has a right to life and Liberty…….Just like you.

    And since u have no critical thinking skills… would deny others the very same right to control their own bodies (vaccines) that u claim only for yourself and conveniently forget for your unborn child……and fail to realize that u can still kill your own unborn child in any number of shitehole states controlled by your fellow Fascist Democrat party members. It’s called Federalism, Claudia….u shd read about it sometime in your piece-of-shite public school (in NY they shorten it to just PS and a number).

    Let’s face it Claudia, u are DUM-buh.
    “The B is silent!”

  7. We’ll miss smart a$$potty mouth brat go get yourself fixed if you’re think abortion should be legal that way you abort ALL your brats! You’re 17 and clueless idiot!

  8. I would be whipping my daughters up A$$ if she was in that mess much less leading it. Mine are 39 and 41 & I still would whip them if they did that.And as for the black guy who said he marched with Blm guess those black babies matter that’s being aborted. Most young people have absolutely no critical thinking skillls any more. Anyone who doesn’t think they are free here in America go to a communist country and see how your little punk A** feels then. You’re a disgrace as an American.

  9. Yep she’s rotten & unappreciative for her freedom that somebody lost a life & limb for. The youth of today have very little morals or conscience. To protest a Supreme Court Justice in the manner she has done, is a great disrespect which she appears to not care about at all. She’s free ok but when she gets caught up in the wrong crowd, she’ll wish she didn’t. Her mother is an intelligent woman, brilliant infact, with class unlike her rebellious daughter. Her father is a piece of work & why Kelly Anne left her position for those 2 is beyond me. I remember her saying it was to save her family unit. Didn’t work.

  10. Please go to Afghanistan, then let me hear you screaming out how you have no freedoms in the USA. There are many who fought, including my father who almost died in war, so you can have the freedom to be so stupid. The least you can do is acknowledge it. You make me want to vomit.

  11. Wow, runs her mouth like a 25 yr old n pulls the ” im a teen ” when called out on it… Lil skunk. Ur mother should wash out that potty mouth with soap….

  12. Don’t really need to hear about some 17 year old Twat that’s been misguided by Dis-functional parents !! Her dads a Real dipshit and mom rules the roost no doubt ! Bigger fish to fry !

  13. Why be mad because the states have power over this? If you don’t like your states move or go elsewhere for your planned parenthood needs, no need to protest in the streets it’s just a waste of time and photo Ops for many

  14. Stupid little girl needs to realize it’s because she lives in a free country that she’s able to spew whatever she wants because it’s protected.
    Maybe she needs to go to one of these countries where women have no rights. Maybe then she’ll realize how good she does have it.

  15. Why don’t she go live in Iraq, Afghanistan, Red China or somewhere like that. She would be begging to come back to America

  16. She’s only 17…what does she know about life! Her brain is still in the maturing stage. So glad she’s not my daughter.

  17. Is there anybody who cares what this spoiled kid says ? I don’t, and I suspect nobody else does either, BTW, she’s ugly as shit, looks like her daddy

  18. Question is how I would she feel if her mother thought about abortion with her! She would keep her potty .outg shut!


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