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During Tuesday’s broadcast of FNC’s “The Story,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) slammed proponents of Major League Baseball’s decision to move its all-star game from Atlanta to Denver as a way to protest the Georgia Assembly’s efforts to strengthen the integrity of the state’s elections.

When asked to comment on a column written by USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, applauding MLB’s move and calling it the league’s “most important move since Jackie Robinson,” the Lousiana Republican reacted by calling such sentiments “a special kind of stupid.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“Well, no disrespect, but that’s just a special kind of stupid,” he said. “This has nothing to do with Jackie Robinson. And it has nothing to do with race. Here’s what this is about: The Democrats want us to have an election month. The Republicans don’t. We want to go back to an Election Day. The Democrats oppose requiring an ID before you can vote. Republicans think we should in the interest of ballot security. Democrats want to make legal ballot harvesting. Republicans don’t. Ballot harvesting is where you pay somebody to go around and ask people to vote by mail, and you collect their ballots, and then you bring them to the ballot box.”

He continued, “I’m is not saying it’s inherently fraudulent, but fraud can occur. That’s all this dispute is about. The other point I’d make is that the Democrats want to pass Speaker Pelosi’s bill, HR1, which would federalize elections. Basically, what Speaker Pelosi’s bill would do is take everything that went wrong in the last presidential election and make it the law. None of this is about race. These Bolshevik woke leftists just obsess about race. They think about race. And the fact is, most Americans think about character. That’s what is so misplaced about all of this.”

Kennedy concluded, “But why a large company, a CEO or a commissioner of a major sport would want to get involved in this and make conclusory allegations that everybody disagrees with them is a racist and not publicly defend their position? I don’t get it. I just don’t, Martha.”

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  1. it is stupid because they this governor and state of election are so stupid..for let that election stolen now this is every thing STARTED…even this dog 🐶 Biden did he CARES About GEORGIAN because all residents are Stupid..Who’re kamala said ha ha ha ha all GEORGIAN Stupid..

  2. How can they even think this these election laws they are putting in place can do so with any kind of integrity. My prayer is the very things they put in place are the very things that end up working directly against them. It would be so so karmaesk!

  3. All of us are stupid for allowing this idiot and the democrats to steal this election
    Baseball is dead Just like all the sports MLB made the deal with China ! All American spirts died the day they got into bed with those who are color blind and against the very people whose money makes them rich No Fans No need for players


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