VIDEO: Kevin McCarthy Takes Strong Position on Social Security, Medicare Cuts

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said cuts to Social Security and Medicare are “off the table” in ongoing budget negotiations with Democratic leadership.

McCarthy was interviewed Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” with Margaret Brennan about his Wednesday meeting with President Joe Biden and the GOP’s plans for fiscal responsibility. Brennan asked McCarthy whether Republicans are considering any reductions to Social Security and Medicare as part of negotiations to raise the debt ceiling.

“Let’s take those completely off the table,” McCarthy said. “If you read our commitment to America, all we talk about is strengthening Medicare and Social Security. I know the president says he doesn’t want to look at it, but we have to make sure we strengthen those,” he continued.


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  1. Many elderly and disabled people depend on these programs. If you want to cut costs, how about stop give money and services to illegals! If they want to live in this country they need to immigrate the right way! Period!!

  2. Cut it everything that needs cut…send able bodied men and women in their 60s back to work. The Ponzi scheme needs to end one way or another.
    Less and less participants paying into the system
    Republicans only care about MAGA after cashing their government checks

    • SamW. Wow!! I’m in my 60s and still working along with many, many others in their 60s and early 70s. Some of us cannot retire yet and work very hard. Social Security has been taking money out of our hard earned paychecks for years and even now. IT’S OUR MONEY!!. WE HAVE EARNED IT! It’s the government getting into it and using it for their pet projects. The welfare and deadbeats need to contribute by paying taxes by getting off their butts and work and to also get off of taxpayers funded programs started by the democrats many, many, many years ago. Let’s get ride of those programs. Save some money there!! MAGA means Make America Great Again. I guess you don’t want to help make America GREAT AGAIN! Move out of the U. S. if you hate it so much. And do you think the liberal democrats don’t also cash their “fat” government checks? And don’t get me started on illegal migrants! What world do you live in? Enough!!!

      • America was great without SS…so why do we need it. You’re not paying into it, you are paying so it can be handed out, no different than welfare.
        Retirement is a privilege and not a right. Huge difference.
        It’s because of those generations before us, who raped the country of its resources and its values so they can live comfortably, now we are living with high inflation, unaffordable housing and healthcare.
        As long as you can cash that government check first, you want to take others welfare
        This is the hard reality

      • Bravo. Well said. I’m still working too even though I can draw full social security. Yes, it is not a handout but money that was worked for, long time and hard work. Government owes us our money. The illegals don’t need handouts. They need to legally come in and then work and then become part of our establishment. Biden is a waste of space and leading us into a war we Americans don’t want to be in

    • Yeah!? Well how about the able bodied 20, 30 and 40 year olds that don’t want to work because Biden made it easier for them to get the freebies! It’s easier for them to live off the backs of their parents and grandparents than to go out and earn a living! I’m 70 years old, retired nurse, recovering from back surgery from my years of working! If I could continue I would! So now I’m retired and taking that SS payment I paid into for 40 + years! Don’t you dare tell me I dont deserve it! I worked hard and saved for a retirement that Biden is stealing from me as I write this! EFF you SamW!!!

  3. Thank you McCarthy! Democrats like to scare people especially the elderly that rely on SS to live! Republicans know it would be the end if they proposed to cut those programs! Too many need them! Show the Democrats their scar tactics are just that! My Dad (lifelong Democrat) was convinced the Republicans wanted to take away SS & Medicare!

  4. SamW, send able bodied men and women in their 60’s back to work??? WHY??? Because able bodied younger folks are too lazy to work??? I don’t think so!!! I was medically retired after over 10 yrs. in the USAF and over 20 yrs. as a Cop. I am a disabled Veteran and a disabled Cop! I think I have had enough injuries to warrant being retired! Let the young folks do their time now!!! Us older folks deserve to retire when our time is due!

  5. Guess Kohn has a new username! SS is NOT an entitlement nor a handout!! Guess you don’t live in the USA and haven’t worked all your life SamW!? Those of us that did and are now have to exist off our own money that we paid in thinking it was a private fund to be there as we all reached that age to retire and draw it are the ones that aren’t rich and haven’t made killer money in the jobs we did have so we were unable to invest and save like some. Raising a family is and always has been costly! Some of us weren’t born into wealth so we barely scraped by. So shut up acting like you know hard times! Maybe you do maybe not but trust me things can change for you in a nanosecond!! Just keep your criticism to yourself!!!

  6. No one is paying into social security…it is taken and given out. Your dollars are spent…hence the issues we have now. This was a poorly funded idea and like all schemes, someone is left with nothing.
    The fact that wages haven’t increased in 40yrs is partly to blame.
    Hey but as long as your government check clears there’s nothing to worry about right?


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