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Kyle Rittenhouse , who on Friday was acquitted of all charges in the shooting of three men during unrest last summer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, said he is considering big changes in his life.

In an interview with host Ashleigh Banfield, which aired Tuesday night on NewsNation Now, the 18-year-old said he may take measures to conceal his identity.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I am considering changing my name,” Rittenhouse said. “Growing a beard maybe, losing some weight — I gained it all back during this stressful time.”

Rittenhouse’s defense attorney, Mark Richards, said in a Fox News interview that he had advised his client to change his name and start his life over.

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  1. Rightly so, Madison. But they are right in concealing who he is. He is going to be in danger for a long time. At least he is young, and changing is not as complicated as it would have been. Keep praying for safety for he and his family.

  2. It wont work. Social media and technology will uncloak him. I would suggest:
    1. Changing name to a common Hispanic name for better anonymity. CHANGE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY number. You can donall thisnJadon Bourne crap but if you dont change this, the crazies will find you.

    2. Get a good ITjob where he can work from a remote location.

    3. Open up a PO Box under Kyle Rittenhouse and receive mail in a nearby location to throw off the scent.

    4. After name change legal, get a passport and move to Las Playas, Tijuana Mexico. They have high internet service and the USA is only a few miles away in case you need banking or something. He can do his remote work from Mexico.

    5. Maintain a dummy account under the original name and have a trusted relative or friend stateside post dummy posts as if KR is still stateside.

    6. Lose weight, grow a goatee, shave your head and learn Spanish fluently.

    7. Do not create another soxial media account under your new identity; never.

    8. Let some years go by and come back to the UsA if you desire and live somewhere quietly.

    9. If you win settlement monies from the dirtbag media, hide those millions$$ in some kind of trust account under a fictional trust name; not yours. Put other investments into new bank accounts.

  3. I agree he should be playing his cards close to the chest ANY crumb of info will be used / exploited against him . I hope and pray for him and his family

  4. Once he gets finished suing everyone who smeared him in his path, Kyle will not have a worry in the world.
    Kyle, finish your education, follow your dreams and one day maybe raise a family.
    He will have plenty of money to have lots of security 24/7!


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