VIDEO: Kyrsten Sinema reveals why she left Democratic Party

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Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) revealed what prompted her to leave the Democratic Party last year, noting it was a declaration of her own independence from a “deeply broken two-party system.”

During a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum on Tuesday, Sinema revealed that she has long considered herself to be an independent lawmaker. However, it was the increasingly divided political realm that has emerged over the last two years that pushed her to break free from party affiliation, she said.

“Those who know me know that I was always an independent voice and always have been for the things that I believe in and for my state and for my country,” said Sinema, who left the Democratic Party on Dec. 9. “What you’ve heard about partisanship, I believe, is accurate. … Jan. 6, which is a horrible day from two years ago, created, I think, concern and fear for every patriotic American across the country.”

Sinema continued, “But in the resulting two years, the Democratic Party shared a narrative that said, ‘We would not have any more free and fair elections in this country if the United States Congress didn’t eliminate the filibuster and pass a massive voting rights package.’”

“As we all know, the filibuster was not eliminated. … That massive voting rights bill was not passed through Congress. And then we had a free and fair election all across the country [in 2022].”

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    • Yes…seeing the Dems and Republicans at the WEF/DAVOS “event” pisses me off! The Great Reset agenda is very concerning for our future! What are they doing there??

      • Trying to decide how they are going to get rid of 50% of the world population. They want to save the climate. That is more important. I call BULLSHIT. They don’t want the middle-class working people. They want only dependent freeloaders who they can control insuring they have only the bare minimum of unhealthy food, no health care, and very little to take care of themselves. There will only be the very rich controllers and the very poor who are dependent.

  1. She still caucuses and votes with the Dems… She is a female version of Joe Mansion.. Pretends to be an independent, but then votes the Dem party line.. It’s just a political ploy..

  2. Independent party!!..,my ass,
    she joined the New World order who wants to be the only unelected party!

    Shes part of the ennemy with all the attendees at Davos 👿

  3. What does she vote 98 99 percent demoncrat party line. Oh well she is gone in 2024. AZ voting laws not friendly to non affiliated

  4. Fair and free election did not occur in arizona in 2022. Conflict of interest that hobbs oversaw her own election. The fiasco that AZ had at their voting locations was irresponsible and unacceptable. Those election people must be stupid and every one of them dismissed. AZ has been laced with fraud since before 2020. See Senator Wendy Rogers website. She has been instrumental in working on election fraud since 2020. Why was Sinema at DAVOS. I thought that was only for the very, very, elite mega billionaires (of which she is not) who want to murder 50% of the world population.


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