VIDEO: Lesbian calls LGBTQ community’s push to redefine term ‘form of domestic abuse’

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The LGBTQ community’s effort to redefine the term lesbian to mean “non-men” who love “non-men” is a “travesty,” a lifelong lesbian and TikToker said.

The LGBTQ advocacy group, It Gets Better Project, posted a TikTok last month in collaboration with another creator, Phoebe, who identifies as a non-binary, trans-masculine lesbian. In the video, Phoebe discusses how women are unfairly gatekeeping the term “lesbian.”

“There’s a misconception that lesbian means a woman who loves other women,” Phoebe said in the video. “Actually the definition is non-men who are attracted to, and love, other non-men.”

“There are trans men who identified as lesbian for many years, there are non-binary folks of all kinds who identify as lesbians,” they added. “There’s like a zillion different ways to be a lesbian.”

In response, Carol Hatch, a lesbian, told Fox News, “I feel like we’re experiencing an entire new form of domestic abuse, not just against lesbians, but against women in general.

“We’ve been told that trans women, which are biological men, are better than women, that we are now cisgender.

“And now we have young ladies who dislike themselves so much that they can’t even say the word ‘woman.’ They have to call themselves ‘non-men.’”

“Now there’s no longer real lesbians because lesbians can be non-binary,” she said. “Any time you put ‘non’ in front of something, you’re taking your humanity away.”

“‘I’m non this, I’m non that.’ You’re non-human? What are you non?” Hatch went on. “You’re a young lady, and it’s okay to be any kind of young lady. We have lost that.”

Hatch said the LGBTQ community’s attempts to eliminate gender identities harms the equality gay individuals and women have fought to gain.

“I feel so sad that they’ve taken away everything we fought for, that they feel so horrible about themselves that all they can call themselves is a non-man now,” she told Fox News.

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