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Susan Sarandon appeared at a protest against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outside the New York Democrat’s office in the Bronx on Monday, where Sarandon said the crowd was “losing hope” in her.

“I’m here to say to the squad, and especially AOC, who, you know did make a lot of promises, that we still have faith in you and we would like to see if you have a better plan than we’ve been able to see, please share it,” Sarandon said on a megaphone in front of attendees at the event, which was billed as a Medicare for All rally. “If there’s a pathway you’ve got that we’re not aware of please share it. Because we’re losing hope here that you represent us.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The protesters were calling on President Joe Biden to declare Covid-19 a public health emergency as a way to enhance his executive power and expand Medicare, and to leverage the new system into “a fearless new campaign for single-payer” health care.

During the ‘protest’, Sarandon also jokingly rambled, “I single-handedly defeated Hillary, & was responsible for the Supreme Court…I thank you all for still being on my side after all these horrible things I did–I don’t know why they didn’t run ME for president, b/c clearly, I could have performed miracles.”

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  1. She needs to shut her liberal hypocrite piehole! These celebrities make me sick with their phony concern for Medicare and socialized medicine when they are not impacted in any way by any of it! They have millions to pay for the best medical care on the planet while they propose that the “peasants “ , that is “we the people” suffer under their imposed socialism!

  2. I watch very few movies anymore, and I never go to the movie theater for those I do watch.

    I simply will not put any of MY money in their (actors) pockets.


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