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Sen. Lindsey Graham said he believes former President Donald Trump would have won the 2020 election if his favored Wuhan lab leak theory on the origins of COVID-19 had been proven before the November contest.

The South Carolina senator made the prediction as he joined a cadre of fellow Republicans blasting health officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, and members of the media for once downplaying or outright dismissing the theory that in recent weeks has gotten a more serious look under the new administration.

The article goes on to state the following:

“If Trump was right [about the lab leak theory], it would have changed the outcome of the 2020 election, I believe,” Graham told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday. “And if we could have proven that early on in 2020 it was a lab leak coming from China, not occurring naturally, the public would want revenge against China, and who would they turn to: Biden or Trump?”

Graham made the argument that if it had been prove before the election that the virus came from a Chinese lab leak, the key issue when considering who to vote for president would’ve been “Who will stand up to China and hold them responsible – Trump or Biden?”


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  1. Trump did win the election. In fact, he won it handily. But then it was stolen. And cowardly politicos like Graham allowed that to happen.

  2. We were attacked by a biological weapon bye our own goverment! MURDERING KILLERS ARE ALL THEY ARE! AND WE ARE SICK OF NO JUSTICE !

  3. Lindsey Graham you self righteous RINO.
    You and your fellow RINOs got Biden elected by simply not standing up for the facts as they were uncovered. You are the reason we now have to deal with a dead economy run away inflation. You and your kind helped this moron get elected.
    Go home Lindsay Graham, you made you millions and got your golden retirement plan secured.

  4. Where were you big mouth you did absolutely nothing to help our president now your back on fox playing double agent again

  5. Thanks, Lindsey! Do you think that’s why the MSM, Big Tech, and Fauci buried that narrative???????

    Amazing revelations. Now you have caught up with the rest of the world.

    How about we focus on actually having a real election that’s somewhere near legitimate. Then we can wreck FB, Twitter, the MSM, and Fauci for their crimes against humanity.

    Let’s start holding people accountable, Lindsey!

    • Lindsey Graham cracker is a new one for me. Love it! 😂♥️
      I’ll have to use it along with Lindsey Grahamnesty like Rush always called him.

  6. Trump did win. The election was fraudulent. And the actors were a small number of IC agents like K0mey Cla%%er and Bre££en. There are hundreds like them in the IC that Believe, rightly, that they control the election outcome — Stu&[email protected]

  7. He won period. Only idiots believe Biden won legitimately. I mean c’mon just look at the guy, he’s a disaster and pathetic. There’s just no way.

  8. And how hard did you work for this truth to be revealed, Senator Graham?

    I’m not a scientist, but even I believed, by March 2020, that a lab leak was the most likely source for the virus. The rhetoric about it being from the wuhan market, after it “mutated” from a bat … seriously, with the way it spread?! I thought then, and still do, that those arguing so hard for the wuhan-market-gate and against the lab-leak-gate (whether accidental or on purpose) were merely working to cover their own fannies and keep themselves out of trouble.

    One would think the smart senators and representatives could have been able to continue to present this common sense possibility/probability and not be cowed by the propaganda arm of the liberal democrat / socialist party, aka the so-called maim street media.

    I think you and other senators could have done a lot more if only you’d put on your juevos … and kept them on.

    Playing nice-nice and glad-handing went out of style with the bush’s – thank goodness – haven’t you heard? That’s because it’s an ineffective mode of behavior against the socialists who used to be democrats.

  9. No Trump did win but Obiden and the dems cheated him out of it. He will be back because it will be proven and an illegitimate president can’t stay on office


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