VIDEO: Longtime manufacturer to close factory, outsource hundreds of American jobs

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Master Lock, the United States-based padlock manufacturer, is reportedly set to close its factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, next year with plans to outsource over 400 American employees’ jobs.

Officials with the United Auto Workers (UAW), who represent many of Master Lock’s employees, said Master Lock executives have informed employees that the Milwaukee plant will shutter by the end of March next year and that their jobs will be outsourced to other existing North American plants.

Americans at the Milwaukee plant produce parts for locks that are then sent to a plant in Mexico where the locks are assembled.

UAW representatives wrote in a statement, “We are disgusted, yet again, as another profitable corporation has decided to close the doors of a manufacturing icon in corporate America’s never-ending quest for profit, without any regard for the people amassing their wealth.”

The statement continued:

The company informed workers today that their jobs would be outsourced beginning this fall, 102 years after the company was founded, in Milwaukee. This latest example is brought to you by Master Lock and parent company Fortune Brands, whose Outdoors and Securities business segment alone had over $2 billion in sales last year. [Emphasis added]

CEO Nicholas Fink enjoys annual compensation of $10 million though his greed won’t tolerate $20 per hour UAW Members in Milwaukee. The average Master Lock employee would have to work 240 years to match Fink’s earnings. [Emphasis added]

In a statement, Master Lock executives said, “This decision is not a reflection of the skills, performance or commitment of the Milwaukee workforce, and it was not made lightly. Rather, this is an opportunity to continue to enhance our supply chain resilience, maximize potential growth of the business and maintain our competitiveness into the future.”

Sen. Tammy Baldwin tweeted Wednesday, “Over the past century, these Wisconsin workers created the value & the brand that Master Lock is, & it’s deeply disappointing that these jobs are poised to be shipped abroad. I stand in solidarity with the @UAW workers and encourage Master Lock to reconsider this misguided plan.”

Reporter Kendall Keys tweeted, “Master Lock announced that the company’s Milwaukee operations will be shut down by March 2024. ‘Today we got the eye-opener, you know, a couple of months, we’re out,’ said Eddie Lofton, one of the plant’s employees.”

Rep. Bob Donovan remarked, “I am saddened and disappointed to hear this morning of the closing of MasterLock — planned for next year. This manufacturing icon was founded in Milwaukee over 100 years ago in a city once considered the machine shop of the world.”

“It’s tragic what has happened to Milwaukee — the home of so many prominent manufacturers. While I am disappointed, I am surprised they lasted this long. I am certain no matter what their executives might say, the safety of the neighborhood played a role in their decision. Doing business in Milwaukee is not what it was 100 years ago — it has transformed just in the past 3 years alone. Milwaukee leaders like to refer to the city as the economic engine of Wisconsin. Let’s face it folks, that engine has been sputtering out for years.”

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  1. The dumbocrats push and support the unions then they open the borders and flood the country with cheap labor, the put restrictions on business and force them to go woke then blame the business !!! Wake up village idiots, soon you will have no village !

  2. Good paying union jobs leaving the country and the amazing workforce of cultural diversity people that are now being sent on the one world order merry ago round. Milwaukee Wi the home of socialist.

  3. No one forces businesses to go woke, you dumb ass. It is a marketing trend businesses follow on the presumption they can capitalize on profits.
    Corporation have no allegiance to America. They pretend to be patriotic, or even woke where corporate boards think it suits their bottom line. Whether it is about guns or beer. It is why they ship jobs overseas with the blessing of both Republican or Democrat parties. Whomever gives the most campaign cash through lobbying are the ones who get the legislation.
    This includes Trump. He has paid off a slew of politicians over the decades. He has also benefitted from globalism with his attempts to open golf courses and hotels in China, as well as once having his Trump neckties and mens suits made there.
    This happened before he duped the uneducated wing of our party into believing he is a Christian conservative.

    • We’re sorry, Kohn wasn’t finished on the toilet yet, so he continued in this reply. We’ll set him up in his wheelchair and offer him his favorite ice cream while watching Matlock.

  4. When will this stop ? These are good jobs, the companies are making great money and still want more. American Greed has to stop. The working will finish off what’s left of America

  5. If the Socialist Democrats would stop their attack on Corporate American maybe these companies wouldn’t have to pack up and leave! It doesn’t matter what the CEO makes, what matters is they are providing good paying jobs to Americans! With the Socialist Taxes, increased Minimum Wage and REGULATIONS, not to mention, these DEMOCRAT UNIONS that are sucking the life out of corporations and chasing them away! This is what Democrats do, take away livlyhoods so people have to get on the Government Entitlements and then they can Control the Population! I say cut Corporate Taxes, Regulations and stop the rise in minimum wage. If you want to make more money, acquire more skills! If America Prospers, We All Prosper! A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships!

  6. Maybe they were telling them to go woke, or else….so, they just decided to pack up and ship out, rather than face the backlash other companies are dealing with.

  7. Your unions always claim to negotiate better under democratic liberals and maybe so, but their policies won’t allow businesses to grow. I kinda feel sorry for union workers because they get misguided not understanding how business work. Don’t let a small negotiation delivered by the union to end up costing you your career

  8. Outsource to Mexico??? All the Mexicans are here!!! Remember all those crossing the border???? Just save the American jobs until all the Mexican illegals get to Milwaukee!!!


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