VIDEO: Low water levels at Lake Mead reveal more than just human remains

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Lake Mead National Recreation Area is showing the dramatic effects of falling water levels from the ongoing drought. The nation’s largest reservoir is now giving up many of its secrets, including a fourth set of human remains discovered since May.

Among those found were the remains of Daniel Kolod, who went missing in 1958. At the time, he was on a speedboat with one of his best friends, his son Todd Kolod told CBS News’ partner, The Weather Channel.

The article goes on to state the following:

“My dad was 22. His buddy Mike was 23. And I think it was more boat than they could handle,” Kolod said.

The discoveries of Daniel Kolod’s remains and a woman’s body found in a barrel prompted speculation that the lake may have been used as a burial ground for organized crime and gangs.

Las Vegas is just a 30-minute drive from the lake which could justify the thought of organized crime body dumping.

However, Oscar Goodman, former mayor and attorney that represented powerful people in Old Vegas said he doesn’t think the death was mob-related.

Goodman said, “Well, we would have heard if it was mob related. Why drive all the way out and put somebody in a barrel? They would want people to know it. It was to teach a lesson.”

Lt. Jason Johansson with Las Vegas Metro Homicide said, “We believe that that barrel was at one time under approximately 150 feet of water. I never dreamed I would see the lake this low.”


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  1. Vegas was warned a very long time ago to not use the lake as it’s water supply. But, they kept allowing developers do their thing.

  2. California needs to spend money on the water supply instead of womans social programs and illegals. It won’t though as the majority of women vote for incompetence instead of practicality.

  3. This is nothing new! Crimes have been going on for years not solved. Didn’t Obama direct waterways to the Pacific Ocean. Lake Meade has been going down for years now.


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