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An 18-year-old accused of trying to kidnap a small child in broad daylight on a bustling street in D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood on Tuesday has been arrested, police said.

The arrest came more than 24 hours after a suspect grabbed the little boy on the 3100 block of M Street NW. The family fought off the would-be kidnapper in a scene that looked “like a tug of war,” according to a witness who did not want to be identified.

The article goes on to state the following:

Emilio Rizo, of Rockville, Maryland, is charged with kidnapping, police said in an update.

Rizo reported approached the family, started talking to the child, then grabbed him and took off running.

Prior to police finding and arresting Rizo for the attempted kidnapping, he was described as Latino.

WATCH the news report below for more details on the alarming incident.

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  1. Let me guess he came from Mexico I know they say that he lives in America but he’s even here legally or legally I highly doubt that he was born here. And now is when the left steps in and protects the kidnappers rights and he gets very little time gets to take some classes and then go on living his life might be locked up for a little bit but not long. He’ll be out soon to do it again we need to crack down on all crime. This is just my opinion but for certain crimes people should be shot on sight. Oh I know that sounds so terrible to the bleeding hearts where you bleeding hearts if you would have kidnapped and raped that child and possibly killed it you’re bleeding hearts are putting people in danger every day stop it.

  2. You know what stops kidnappers? Good people with guns. An armed citizen could have stopped that immediately. Too bad the criminals are the only ones with guns in DC.

  3. Illegal Latin scum fro south of the border!
    Mr Fink is spot on! The maggot will be released with a slap on the hand and do it again. They have more rights than we do!
    When they can steal right under our noses and get away with it, even steal our children, where are our rights to live in a civilized safe society ?

  4. Probably one of those nice illegals that came across the open boarder to do those jobs Americans won’t do. You know, like kidnapping kids, to sell to sex traffickers and stuff.


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