VIDEO: Maxine Waters pushes wild claim of ‘domestic terrorists in the House’

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Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Saturday on MSNBC’s “Ayman” that some of the so-called right-wing conservatives in the House of Representatives were “domestic terrorists.”

Anchor Ayman Mohyeldin said, “I know that politicians tried to sound optimistic as much as they can but right now, with the leadership that we see in the House, is there any path forward for police reform in Congress after this later on tragic killing?”

Waters said, “It is the Marjorie Taylor Greene Republican caucus. You heard what McCarthy said. He said that he just loves her and that he is going to do everything he can to protect her and that she is saying in so many ways that I owe him. So I don’t expect anything from them. We are going to try to do everything that we possibly can. But I think that the average American person can see what is going on. We have these right-wing conservatives who are, you know, we have domestic terrorists in the House of Representatives. These people are extremists, so I am not optimistic that that is the way that it is going to happen until the people of this country really decide that they do not want it, and they are not going to elect people who act in the way that they act.”

WATCH Waters’ comments below:

Waters still has a March 2017 post pinned to the top of her Twitter account, which pushes the false Trump-Russia collusion theory. The post is titled, “Trump’s Kremlin Klan.”

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  1. One ignorant racist and really dumb hypocrite devil DEMONcrate. This is why this culture gets tagged as ignorant and dumb. She does not belong nor is she even qualified to represent anyone, pathetic and shows the dumbness of anyone that would vote for this scumbag.

  2. Waters you are a F….ng Moron that is all that comes out of California ‼️ How in Gods name did you ever get into the Government ⁉️ Mu dog could have done the job better‼️‼️ You are more than stupid your an imbecile.. you make Biden look intelligent ‼️‼️
    Complete stupid ass every single time her mouth is moving..

  3. maxine, keep your mouth shut. We can see all the way down to your dried-up ovaries when you open your ugly racist mouth. It is even difficult to look at you.

  4. Up your !!! Dumb ass !!! Only people dumber than you are the ones that voted for your racist ass !!!! You have stolen enough from the taxpayers, why don’t you just fade away like a bad memory !!!!

  5. She’s a bioch!!
    I distinctly remember this same person screaming at people to get into other peoples faces and tell ‘em ; they’re not welcome here!!!! She’s a bigot racist terrorist herself and doesn’t deserve any money from US government!!! She’s worthless like tits on a boar

  6. She is literally the pot calling the kettle black. The nerve!! Maxine is dangerous. She is an extremist left wing radical. Her call to violence against the American public is criminal. She has an ugly, hate filled heart. Mad Maxi is blind to her own evil. Calling MTG a terrorist is slander. There I’ve said it. I have never liked her and I never will. It has nothing to do with the color of her skin, it has to do with ugliness of her character. Stop giving a voice to someone with so much hate.

    I will pray for her.

  7. The Domestic Terrorist is Maxine Waters! When are we going to get these nuts out of Congress. I guess when we get the cheating and selections out of our elections.

  8. There she goes again, blaming Republicans for that, which he is guilty of. Wasn’t it Maxine that said go after conservatives get up on them at a gas station or a department store? Yeah she’s the f-ing terrorist, and should be removed from office…..also, investigate her for her role in the FTX SCHEME. She seemed pretty buddy buddy with that crook bankman-Freid. Maybe ask why a woman who makes $170,000 a year on the $4 million mansion outside of LA.

  9. I’m sorry for Maxine Waters as she is so racist and so full of hate for whites! I love all races and have friends in many of them! Liberals not all but many are exactly what she calls conservatives! Shame on her! God forgive her but put stumbling blocks in front of her poisonous tongue!

  10. She is the domestic terrorist. Just like AOC and a few others. That need to go, Maxine you time is past. We need younger representatives with more open minds to fill those spots.


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