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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) slammed President Trump Friday, saying he has “done everything that one could even think of” to trigger an impeachment vote in the House.

“I’ve always believed that if the information about this president and his involvement with Russia and [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and the oligarchs and the Kremlin and if we — but look at [special counsel Robert] Mueller’s report and see where he clearly defines that he’s obstructed justice, that people will increasingly come to the conclusion that impeachment is inevitable,” Waters, a vocal Trump critic and the chair of the House Financial Services Committee, said on CNN.

The article goes on to state the following:

“This president has done everything that one could even think of to be eligible for impeachment.”

Waters has supported impeaching Trump for months, tweeting in January that it was “Past time for impeachment!” and saying in March the president has “No honesty” and “No patriotism.”

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  1. And dear ole maxie just how many times have u lied in the last uh say 10 years. Too numerous list. You have been in congress over 30 years and just what have u done for the USA. Lined you pockets along with your daughter. Broke many rules/laws and NOTHING was done. When are people gona wake up and insist you pay for being a criminal and liar too boot. You are disgusting.

  2. I think every Democrat, especially Maxine Waters, is running scared now that Barr is investigating the investigators of the Trump/Russia collusion hoax. It’s quite obvious this country knows what the Democrats did to try to get our duly elected President Trump out of office and pretty soon, the Democrats are all going to look really bad. The fun will begin when they start ratting on each other. Maxine is yelling the loudest and I’ve always heard the old saying that “he who yells the loudest is trying to cover up for their own crimes”. Isn’t she being investigated right now for giving $50K of campaign money to her own daughter? She’ll look a lot better in ORANGE!

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