VIDEO: McCarthy calls for patriotism

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Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) called on members of Congress to take the lead in reclaiming patriotism.

McCarthy reacted to a new poll showing patriotism, faith, and the desire to raise a family are declining in importance throughout the United States, calling it “so concerning.”

“To think to this day that people don’t honor the patriotism of a sacrifice that these men and women have provided to bring this freedom,” McCarthy told Jesse Watters Primetime. “This is shocking to me, but I watch every day in Congress the attack on America.”

McCarthy cited several examples of recent legislation that should have had Democratic support but did not.

He said, “Why can’t we be proud of America? America is more than a country. Americans is an idea. There is no other nation in the world that is conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that we are all equal. We’re not perfect, but we strive to be a more perfect union. We have to change this course. And this is why I will never give up because I know tomorrow will always be better because of America.”

McCarthy continued, “There is enough problems that the Democrats have brought us,” noting inflation, energy dependence, the border crisis, and the threat of China and other foreign countries. “I don’t think Republicans should go after one another. We need to bring this nation back. Bring Republicans in, independents, and Democrats, too, because we cannot handle four more years of Joe Biden. We can’t afford it.”

“This is not something to joke around with. This is not something to go soft on them as well. We need to be prepared to know exactly what China is doing and why are we allowing them into our children. Why are we allowing them to still send the chemicals to Mexico and the fentanyl that is killing 300 Americans every single day? This is something that has to stop,” he added.

WATCH the interview below:

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  1. Thats why we voted for Trump and the people were upset about the stolen election on the 6th because we knew this was going to be where biden would take America. Yet the protesters are in jail for not wanting this America. Now besides fighting in our own country we are now on the verge of war because of biden. We are helping protect another countries borders while ours is over run with crime and illegals thanks to our feckless government . We are going in the shitter FJB

  2. I have a different take on this. Patriotism is not something that is consistently defined. For example, many Americans serve our country in the military out of patriotism. Our military is falling way short of its recruiting goals. Does this generally mean Americans are less patriotic or does it mean the institutions themselves are losing the faith and trust of the American people? I can only speak for myself. I love my country. I love our form of government. I do not like what our government institutions are turning into and I really don’t like the culture these institutions are trying to impose on us such as CRT. So if many of the individuals being polled associated patriotism with supporting this government and its degenerate culture, of course that’s going to screw the numbers. I can’t speak to the way Democrats think. I’ve stopped talking politics with the Democrats I know. I find them to be irrational, emotional and intellectually dishonest. I do think most of them do love their country but they associate patriotism as a conservative thing so the don’t allow themselves to admit it. Like I said, irrational.

  3. Lack of patriotism is what happens when a president lies about a stolen election, because his ego is so vast, he can’t admit defeat

  4. We used to be a melting pot with everyone trying to be an American then came the start of the division with employment forms asking questions about what race you belonged to or what sex you are. That was the end of hiring the best qualified candidate and the beginning of the end of the melting pot were everybody was proud to be just an American .

  5. If McCarthy is just now being shocked as to what’s going on he’s a little slow on the up take! Sheltered much? Or just choosing not to see what’s been right in front of his face for years! And how dare he speak of the veterans after they decided to cut veterans benefits! Just another talking head! Blah blah blah! He thinks we’re all fools!


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