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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell responded Thursday to President Biden’s repeated claim that Republicans cannot verbalize “what they are for” to the American people.

McConnell, R-Ky., told Fox News the GOP has been vocal about what Republicans view as the most pressing issues in the country.

The article goes on to state the following:

During his Wednesday press conference, Biden said the “fundamental question is ‘what’s Mitch for?'” before claiming the Senate minority leader would do “anything to prevent Biden from being a success.”

WATCH the interview with McConnell below, as he responds to Biden’s disastrous press conference, including his comments on Russia and Ukraine, and his push for a federal takeover of the elections.

McConnell also blasted Biden, saying he “signed up for Bernie Sanders’ agenda” and is trying to turn America into a socialist country.

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  1. Maybe we could just put Biden and McConnell in a boxing ring so they can beat each other to death? America would be much better off.

  2. It is all theater presentations. McConnell is a major part of the problem. He needs to go. He has colluded so many times with the Dems. Until we remove these RINOs we are in the Dems hands no matter what.

  3. The Am ppl are NOT thinking about Ukraine. The press and Washington is lying about the Russians being a threat. Russia has been asking to be heard (and is not being heard at all for years. Their requests are not unreasonable). They say they do not feel secure having a bunch of US Missile bases along their European border. Our government is not hearing them, and their need. It’s looking like our country wants to cook up conflict with them and make it look like they started it. If you wanna understand what it’s about, don’t listen to the spin out of Washington. Look to those who are qualified to comment and write about what’s happening like Paul Craig Roberts dot Org and others. The U.S. took over Ukraine with a coup and then installed a puppet government there. Do you think our government cares about the Ukrainian ppl? Some of them in the north are Russians. Ukraine was a part of Russia for hundreds of years. Russia has a naval base they can’t control as well now since that puppet gov. was placed there. Hmmm, maybe there’s been a plan for sometime now to get into conflict with Russia. This is pure stupidity! We have no business being over there meddling. What do I care if Russia takes Ukraine over again but that isn’t what the Russians want. Ukraine is being used as a strategic pawn against them. What is the goal then?

  4. Apparently the people of Kentucky keep electing McConnell. But a Democrat alternative would be way worse. Why doesn’t a Constitutional Republican primary-challenge McConnell?


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