VIDEO: Mexican Cartel Unleashes Terror in Two States After Army Raid

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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Breitbart:

Cartel gunmen unleashed a wave of terror in two Mexican states where they blocked roads, torched dozens of vehicles, set fire to businesses, and shot weapons into the air. The simultaneous attacks came as a response to an army raid.

The violence began on Tuesday afternoon when authorities carried out a raid at a cartel camp, which set off the violent response.

The article goes on to state the following:

“There was apparently a meeting between two groups,” said Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador during his morning news conference. “Members of the defense secretariat showed up and there was a clash.”

Twitter user Rocio wrote in a translated tweet Wednesday, “Say what you want, but NOTHING JUSTIFIES, what we already see DAILY. It’s not a problem for Zapopan, Jalisco, Michoacán, THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS THE TERRITORY OF NARCOS, thanks to the inept president. Is that why I send Jesús Ernesto to England? That he not live, as we live.”

Jalisco Governor Jaime Alfaro wrote in a translated tweet, “After a difficult night due to acts of violence that hurt us all, I explain in detail what has happened and what follows. Listen and share this important message.” In the message he details the area the raid happened and said that one man died.

Secretary of Government of Guanajuato Libia Garcia wrote in a translated tweet, “As a result of a confrontation in a neighboring edo with a gpo. criminal, subjects were identified in 2 municipalities who tried to set establishments and cars on fire, I share with you that it is confirmed that there are detainees and the criminal action is contained and under control, there are no injuries.”

“We continue to coordinate with the municipalities of #Irapuato and #Celaya , identifying the points affected by fires and reinforcing security in both cities. We will also follow up on the arrests and investigations carried out by the ministerial authorities.”

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  1. Soon they will be running cities completely then states, all because of our open boarders and useless liberal mayors and governors

  2. Someone should tell the cartels that under Mexican law, they are not permitted to have guns except those permitted by law, and cannot take them out of their homes. They must not realize that.

  3. What about the allegations two-three years ago that the Democrats and the PRI were receiving hundreds of billions in bribe money from the cartels to keep the border in chaos order to help their smuggling business?

  4. Maybe instead of trying to find some bullshit reason to prosecute Trump and his family, The FBI and DOJ should concentrate on classifying the cartels international terrorist organizations and go after them.
    Send in black ops teams to help the Mexicans, Launch drone strikes on all of their known manufacturing plants meeting places and residences. Don’t arrest any of them kill all of the corrupt politicians corrupt police and corrupt military along with all of the cartel members and leaders. Scorched earth no holds barred.additionally,hire 86,000 more ice and border patrol agents instead of IRS agents. Round up and deport all the illegal aliens living in this country. Totally seal off our border. Close the border completely for the next two years. Arrest and prosecute anyone and everyone who is aiding and abetting illegal aliens. Give them a mandatory jail sentence and huge fine for each and everyone.


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