VIDEO: Miami mocked for new design on police car

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The city of Miami received mockery on Thursday after Mayor Francis Suarez unveiled a new police cruiser decorated with Africa-themed imagery to celebrate Black History Month.

“This is a beautiful collaboration to commemorate Black history and Black History Month and the history of African Americans and our police department and our city,” Suarez said. “This is Black history.”

Miami Police Chief Manuel Morales was also in attendance for the unveiling.


Reporter Joshua Caballos tweeted:

I just spoke to Black police union (@mcpba1946) president Stanley Jean-Poix. He said Mayor Suarez’s office had nothing to do with the design of the car, and the design had the full approval of the union before it was unveiled.

“It celebrates our African ancestry” he said.

But the public is not impressed.  In fact, they aren’t having it at all.

“Racism is cured,” mocked one Twitter user.

“THIS CANNOT BE,” tweeted  Sherrilyn Ifill, former President & Director-Counsel of LDF (NAACP Legal Defense Fund).

See more backlash below:

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  1. It just never ends for a culture that continues to destroy and hates the fabric of this country. They live off the very profitable race card. Pathetic

  2. Black history month 👍
    Asian history month 👎
    Native American history month 👎
    Latino history month 👎
    Mexican history month 👎
    White history month 👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Seems to me like the only history deserving to be told is black history, and then only from the viewpoint of a black man.
    Tell me again how many white men died helping black slave find freedom in the Underground Railroad. How many whites died fighting a war for emancipation.
    What political party actually emancipated the slaves and what political party actually supported the Jim Crow south and were members of the KKK. Tell me again because I forget.


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