VIDEO: Miranda Devine: ‘Dam is about to burst’ on Hunter Biden scandal

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Fox News contributor Miranda Devine reacted on “Outnumbered” Tuesday to the federal tax probe into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings gaining momentum as some media outlets begin to acknowledge the “bombshell” controversy surrounding his infamous laptop.

MIRANDA DEVINE: That’s just another extraordinary mistruth from President Biden there. He did that throughout the campaign. He pretended that he knew nothing about his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings. There’s plenty of evidence on the laptop and Tony Bobulinski’s material and the material that Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson collected for their Senate investigation and are currently presenting to Congress — and I think they’re going to be doing that on a regular basis, to show links between Hunter Biden and Communist China.

The article goes on to state the following:

There’s also evidence that Joe Biden financially benefited from Hunter Biden’s grift and his brother, Jim Biden’s grift, with these countries which are crucial to America’s national security interest. The lack of curiosity from most of the media is repellent and really corrupt. But I think the dam is about to burst. We have Hunter Biden looking at indictments coming out of that a grand jury in Delaware. You see The New York Times and The Washington Post are now sniffing around. They’ve admitted the laptop is real, and they have realized this is a bombshell story.


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  1. Won’t believe it till it happens. Everyone involved and who will become involved is corrupt. They could get away with murder. Unlike Pres.Trump, who said he could and we would still vote for him, the dems would hang him! Biden’s are untouchable.

    • Not if the demonrat party decides that he’d doing too much damage to the party and has to go. And it’s looking like that may be starting to happen.

  2. Misses the truth ????? The MF lying son of a bitch why any body in the media say that plan the truth is we a have president of the free world his family stink of of corruption and lies worse than my toilet stench we have sewer of a family FUCK JOE BIDEN AND FAMILY

  3. Look at all the people in this country that are in prison for many years and for much less criminality. This graft and influence peddling is right in everyone’s face, and on Hunter’s laptop. The “big guy” is a blatant walking national security risk. How dare they get away with this!!!! We should ALL be outraged!

    • Exactly. Two sets of laws. Look what Hillary has gotten away with also. Meanwhile the swamp investigates and accuses Trump over made-up allegations they KNOW are fake.

  4. I hope so. Of course, the dems will do EVERYTHING to not lose the midterms because their agenda isn’t done with the puppet and his idiot sidekick Kamala yet.get em both out. They’ve done more damage to our country in 14 months than the last 5 presidents combined!

  5. Insist on full forensic election audits in GA, MI, PA, and WI. Urge the investigation of Hunter Biden et al. Who is “the big guy?” Expect the new GOP Congress to elect Trump its new speaker and then impeach Biden-Harris. The 50 intel officers who provided Biden with political cover, even after it was apparent he’s been taking bribes from Beijing, should be stripped of their security clearances and investigated by Counter-Intelligence. Do these things, and Trump will be eligible to run again in 2024 as the incumbent president.


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