VIDEO: MLB player throws tantrum in dugout after questionable call

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New York Yankees star Anthony Rizzo had a meltdown in the dugout after an umpire ruled against him during Monday night’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The first baseman was hit by a curveball in his thigh by Rays starter Ryan Yarbrough during the game’s third inning. After attempting to walk to first base, home plate umpire D.J. Reyburn determined that Rizzo did not make enough of an effort to get out of the way of the ball and ruled the pitch counted as a ball. The call was questioned by both Rizzo and Yankees manager Aaron Boone, but the call stood. Rizzo struck out two pitches later.

The article goes on to state the following:

Rizzo returned to the dugout to join his teammates after the call and began angrily slamming his helmet down on the bench, video footage showed.

Rizzo said, according to the New York Post, “Whenever you feel like you got screwed over on a call, at any time it’s annoying. We’re out here competing at the highest level. I’m up here talking to [the media]. I feel like umpires have zero accountability when they miss something like that.”

Baseball Today tweeted Wednesday, “Anthony Rizzo let out his frustrations in the dugout after a HBP was overturned by the umpires.”

Talkin’ Yanks tweeted, “Disagreement after Rizzo gets plunked.”

Yankees Videos tweeted, “‘We’re out here competing at the highest level. I’m up here talking to you guys, I feel like the umpires have zero accountability when they miss something like that.’ – Anthony Rizzo on being upset in the dugout after a non-hit-by-pitch call tonight.”

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  1. Hate the Yankees, but after seeing the replay the umpire was wrong!!!I think the umpire are calling and controlling the game too much !!!

  2. That pitch was less than 6″ inside. Rizzo stuck his leg out to get hit. Absolutely the right call. I rarely defend umps, but this was as obvious as it gets.

  3. No he didn’t stick his leg out on purpose. That’s how he hits. Some players lift their legs higher than others. He was hit by a pitch and deserved to walk to first base. The ump was wrong.

  4. Who actually cares about these meaningless calls in totally unimportant games being played by millionaires in front of entitled men-children spending far too much money and time for a complete distraction during times which need people to be aware, vigilant and proactive for freedom and national security? Wake up, morons!


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