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Mars candy company has promised to make the animated M&M’s candy characters “more inclusive,” in one case by dumping its green “sexy girl” character and giving her replacement a “more nuanced personality.”

Until now, the green M&M’s character was portrayed as a sexy female with a sultry voice and white go-go boots. But that portrayal is no more, the company said in its announcement.

The article goes on to state the following:

On Thursday, the candy company said it intended to better honor its “global commitment to creating a world where everyone feels they belong, and society is inclusive” with the changes to its advertising characters for a “more dynamic, progressive world.”

Mars said, “M&M’S branding will also reflect an updated tone of voice that is more inclusive, welcoming, and unifying, while remaining rooted in our signature jester wit and humor.” The company added that they hope to improve the “sense of belonging for 10 million people around the world by 2025.”

M&M tweeted Thursday, “Popping in to say hi. Allow us to re-introduce ourselves if you’re new here! We’re M&M’S, the candy you know and love, but this space is all about fun. Together, we can use the power of fun to create a world where we all belong. #ForAllFunkind.”

Matt Walsh wrote, “The VP of M&Ms explains that they’re making the M&Ms characters more inclusive in order to ‘start a movement.’ The girl M&Ms will be focused on ’empowerment’ while the orange M&M will ’embrace his true self.’ This is not a parody.”

Tommy Smokes quipped, “I have literally never eaten an M&M because always I found their characters outdated and offensive. Can’t wait to finally try one.”

Podcaster Coleman Hughes said, “‘It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, trans or nonbinary––we at M&M’s would love to get rich by giving you type 2 diabetes.’  You gotta love Corporate Woke. lmao.”

Daily Wire’s Ian Haworth tweeted, “‘Mars also added that the brown M&M’s heels will be lowered to a professional heel height.’ Mars just called the brown M&M a whore.”

Krystal Ball said, “Forget healthcare! Now you got a brown m&m who ‘describes her motto as, Not bossy. Just the boss.’”

Meteorologist Chuck Bell wrote, “I have finally reached my woke limit with corporate America. The big wigs at m&m’s are focusing on the ‘personalities’ & ‘traits’ of the colors – OF CANDY PIECES! Just stop. Your ruining my love for your product. Just like with actual people, all that matters is what’s INSIDE!”

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  1. Keep your candy ! And if people really want to be offended Find out what else they put in that candy besides chocolate Now there’s something to be upset about Instead of a cartoon character depicting the difference between a male and a female Well here’s another stupid morons decision. Just another in a long line of idiots being offended by something that makes it Have a females characteristics Remember no genders. We can’t gave cartoons because they offend But they can make them perverts and thats ok Disney made its fortune off of Witchcraft and magic Now they are making millions turning you and your children into sodomites and genderless morons
    These kind of putrid agendas Have made people behave like morons Being offended by this kind of crap Have made people offended by people even breathing As we hear and see Lemon and Howard Stern declare they want unvaccinated Americans dead or denied the right to their life. Pushing killer vaccines When the CDC Shown their own findings this week tell the unvaccinated have more of a chance to survive than those vaccinated It’s all part of a plan to dumb down and indoctrinate and turn humans into mindless morons offended by everything
    Apparently it’s working Here is Another one to fall to their own stupidity

  2. So sexy women are not part of a inclusive society anymore . Really so what only trans ,bi,lesbian women are allowed. I guess straight men are done with also.I only have one question then,how will society survive when no one can reproduce only gaps live forever 🤣🤣🤣stupid asses . I guess no more m&m’s in my house .

  3. Love it my budget continues to shrink and thanks to all these woke fools that continue to promote the nonsense. For one this crap is not good for you and we have a pandemic of fat asses already. Thanks again, no longer on our shopping list. Pathetic minion trolls

  4. What about concern for kids if there’s a sexy m and m? And of course the dyes and the sugar are a concern.

    I have to make a big change in my life now. Peanut butter m and ms ms are my favorite. But I can go more healthy now and cheaper with other brands. Screw the idiocy of all this crap. So be it.

  5. Mars has been donating to BLM for over a year. And some of you are just NOW talking about a boycott?

    This woke gay-is-fun crap doesn’t help the brand. Who needs fruity M&Ms when there already are Skittles?

  6. M & Ms come in more colors than the whole human race! Knock off the woke garbage!
    It’s CANDY for God’s sake!! Stupid corporations politicizing candy! How STUPID!!

  7. My collection of MM’s from years ago is going in the trash. We have a sea of stupid people in this country. I hope anyone with a sense of intelligence, boycott every company that is ignorant enough to follow like sheep. What morons!!

  8. Wasn’t it only a few months ago people were concerned about the gender of Mr. potato head. It just gets stupider and stupider.

  9. Of all the ridiculous things going on today, this takes the prize as being the most ridiculous! It’s CANDY ! It is not a living, breathing thing, so, please crawl back into your hole and let the rest of us enjoy our candy !!!

  10. What a crock of sh/t. It’s just candy. I don’t need my candy to tell me how to live. Also, where is the white m&m, or aren’t they to be included. Screw Mars.

  11. What a crock of sh/t. It’s just candy. I don’t need my candy to tell me how to live. Also, where is the white m&m, or aren’t they to be included. Screw Mars. There are other places to get my chocolate fix.

  12. I went to Hershey’s town in Pennsylvania two years ago and we (my family and I) were super happy what we saw…The very first owner was a Christian who want to help the people…so he created a school for kids, build a church and created one of the best town in US…M&M and mars once my favorites) are dead to me….Hershey is now ahead and just like that, it became my favorite…

  13. It won’t improve the taste but it will stop me from buying them ! This BS isn’t stopping I see , in turn I see a lot of boycotting and that’s just fine .

  14. They should change their company name to Wet willies S&Ms where anything goes ! I will not support ignorance and the stupid part about these woke companies is they are caving to a very small circle of idiots with big mouths


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